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8156: AFP: Senator Dany Toussaint Indicted in connection with the assassination of Jean Dominique

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>


update - May 31 2001

The Agence France-presse (AFP) announces that the senator Dany
Toussaint has been charged in the case of the assassination of Jean
Dominique. AFP, who quotes "judiciaries sources", doesn't mention
neither the exact motive of the accusation, nor the number of persons
charged in this case.

Mr Toussaint would have been informed of the charge against him
during his last audience with the prosecutor on May 25. His lawyer,
Jean Renel Sanon, who attended the audience, refused to comment
the information. In a statement read on Radio Vision 2000, the senator
rejected being implicated in the case in any way. He attributed his
charging to "a wide complot" organised by the former president
René Préval and Camille Leblanc, ex Justice minister.

Interwieved on these accusations, Leblanc said : "I've nothing to
declare, especially when I hear someone being out of his mind".

Declaring himself as being "ready to fight", Dany Toussaint asked the
Parliament "not to hesitate in lifting his parliamentary immunity".