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8161: The Haitian court and Jean Dominique (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

After more than a year of investigation, the Haitian
court is about to indict an individual for this
heinous act. The indicted individual shall understand
that it is only allegation and the state has to prove
its case beyond reasonable doubt.  Mr. Jean Dominique
was a proud Haitian citizen, the most vocal journalist
the country has ever known, bringing to justice the
perpetrator (s) is (are) the right thing to do.
	Nobody can be surprised for the arrest of Mr. Prosper
Avril and for the up coming arrest of the person who
will be charged for the assassination of the Haitian
legend (Mr. Jean Dominique).  That particular
individual shall be arrested before the charge is made
public or if fled the country an international arrest
warrant shall be in force.
	I hope the partisans politic stay out of the Court
this matter is a judicial one and there should be no
interference. Mr. Jean Dominique, the Haitian legend,
was gunned down and somebody with power was
responsible.  Mr. Jean Dominique was the voice of the
poor, the voice of the middle class and the voice of
the rich; silencing him was a big mistake and whoever
responsible for that particular crime shall regret the
day he/she was born. This is a classic case where the
death penalty should be applied unfortunately our
constitution does not allow that option. Day by day,
step-by-step, the Haitian judicial court is
reinventing itself. Once the court indicts that
perpetrator, I hope nobody will come out and claim
partisan politic. Let the justice department does its
work. I'm looking for consistency and expect both
citizens Mr. Avril and the up coming indicted for the
assassination of Mr. Jean Dominique to be treated

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