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8172: Boston Haitian Reporter News Capsule- June (fwd)

From: MariLinc@aol.com

The Boston Haitian Reporter Online

The June Edition
The second print edition of the Boston Haitian Reporter is now in
circulation.  Here is a sample of what you will find inside:

Featured Stories:
A Sneak Peek at Edwidge Danticat's Latest Work "On Borrowed Wings"
Best-selling Haitian author Edwidge Danticat shares her latest "work in
progress" -only with the Reporter's readers.

True Colors: Haitian Pride Shines in Parade, Flag Day
The month of May was a triumph for Haitian Bostonians, who took to the
streets by the thousands to celebrate our heritage.  Get the details- plus
two pages of full color photos- inside this issue.

Leaders Examine Political Crisis at UMass Conference
More than 50 American and Haitian politicians and scholars met at UMass
Boston in May for an "emergency conference" to discuss solutions to the
political impasse in Haiti.
Plus: A First-Hand Synopsis by Organizer, UMass' Professor Marc Prou

The Name Game: Starting a Data Bank in the U.S.
Reporter commentator Caleb Desrosiers thinks Haitians can bolster their
clout in the U.S. by setting up a comprehensive national network.

New Feature! 
Getting Started in Your Haitian Kitchen
Your mom's classic red snapper and white bean sauce dish is a snap to make,
right? Think again! Get the step by step instructions- plus other culinary
tips- in this new monthly feature- Ruth's Recipes.

Local News
Campaign Pinpoints Scope of AIDS Crisis
A unique coalition of health experts has released new data that details the
scope of the AIDS problem in the community- and what can be done to prevent
further damage.

Young Leader Helps Close Digital Divide
Meet Marc Germain- a young Haitian Bostonian who is helping school kids
learn about computers- and their rich heritage- at the same time.

Reporter History
Early Links Between Boston & Haiti
Contributing editor Steve Desrosiers traces the colonial slave trade that
helped make Boston a flourishing metropolis.

Forgotten Haitian Heroes of the American Revolution
Henri Christophe was among a contingent of Haitians who fought alongside
American patriots in a key battle of the American Revolution.

Plus: The Latest Music and Concert
News from Farinen's Fritz Hyacinthe

National & International
Celestin Wins Mayor's Seat in North Miami
Another huge step forward for Haitian political clout in the sunshine state.

Third Annual Compas Fest Rocks Miami
Get the scoop on the year's biggest Konpa festival from Fritz Hyacinthe.

Plus: A complete round-up of news from Haiti and the Caribbean

All of this and much, much more can be found inside the June edition of the
Boston Haitian Reporter.

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