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8177: New Legislative Elections (fwd)

From: Rémy Perrier <remy@rehred-haiti.net>

Electronicly translated by babelfish original article on today's el Nacional


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 
  Monday 04 of June of the 2001 

 Aristide will summon legislative elections 

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica _ Facing international
                    pressure and the possibility of a regional
                    isolation, Haitian president Jean Bertrand
                    Aristide offered to make new elections the next
                    year, said the Organization of American States

                    In his inaugural speech of the assembly of the
                    O.A.S., Secretary General Cesar Gaviria
                    announced the Sunday that, Aristide has made
                    the supply in a letter sent to the group. 

                    In return, Aristide requested to him to the
                    O.A.S. that resumes the foreign attendance. His
                    government lost million dollars when increasing
                    itself the local disorders, but Aristide had
                    refused to before yield the international
                    exhortations of which it negotiates with the

                    Aristide also acceded to order the resignation of
                    seven senators _ all of its group _ that were
                    chosen in legislative selections questioned by the
                    observers of the O.A.S. and other international

The supply of Aristide seró the main point of the program of the organization Monday. 

  Gaviria indicated in its inaugural speech that seró necessary to receive some guarantees of the Haitian government. 

``Es imperative that president Aristide, as offers in its letter, fulfills the commitment to reduce mandates of the elect legislators in May 2000 and that summons to early selections the incoming year for the assembly and senadó '. Gaviria remembered in its speech that in the selections last ``los results were manipulated... to calculate the percentage and to determine the benches of senadó '. 

 31ra Assembly of the O.A.S. was inaugurated
Sunday at night with the participation of
 chancellors and representatives of 34 nations
members and delegations of several observant countries.