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8181: RE: 8170: Re: 8160: Death of list member David X Young (fwd)

From: Fritz <bouki@gateway.net>

It sadden me to hear that David Young had passed away. He was an extrodinary
man who lived a vibrant life and had an unparalled passion for Haiti and its
people. We met through this list  about four years ago after I posted an
opinion to which he strongly supported. We exchanged numbers and to my
suprised he lived nearby on Canal St in a six story walk up building.
His loft was filled with imaginative paintings, some works in progress. What
struck me most was his passion for Haiti, the culture and its people, I have
never met a person like him before. Being a young Haitian American,it was
fascinating to hear many of his stories of his travels to Haiti that spanned
4 decades. His photographs of everyday Haitian life strayed far from the
common pictures of black bodies in despair. In every gesture, expression or
action there existed a diginity that many of you on the list would be proud
of. His films on Haiti which I watched with him at his home had the same
qualities. "Seven Moods of Haiti" approximately 20 minutes long is just the
kind of film a jazz enthusist would have made.
He also attempted to help Bob Lemoine finish the film,Echec au Silence.
David shot and edited the opening sequence as well as some key scenes to
help the film move. About 2yrs ago I took the film and brought it up to
where I worked and shot a video tape version of his opening sequence which
he hadn't seen in 20 yrs. It is my understanding that Bob Lemoine, remade
the film for telvision while the original(which is currently in my care)
never was shown. David had planned a meeting for us and Lemoine when
he"found" him a few months ago but that never happened.

It was Jazz, Haiti,his paintings and film that drove his heart, at least
that was what I saw. We shared many of the same interest though we were
generations apart. He was more teacher and I, the student much like I am
with my father in law who has the same fiercely independent artist demeanor.
They might have crossed paths(they knew the same people) but now it is very
difficult to be certain.
Unfortunately, in his last days, I did not keep in touch with him as much as
I should have, however he would always come to mind. According to his
daughter, many things were left un finished including an autobiography, a
film on a photographer who took picutres of jazz artist who attended his
loft on 23rd st in the late 50's, another film on his grandfather and I
believe a book on Haiti( but don't quote me on that). He has however
released a CD on the Jazz sessions that took place way back then, not sure
of the label.

He taught me a lot in the brief time that I knew him, his spirit will be

On a side note: I spoke to his daughter on Sunday morning, he apparently
passed on the 22nd of May. It was his wish to be cremated and have his ashes
dispersed in Haiti.

Fritz Archer

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From: amedard@gte.net

> Those of you who know him better might wish to share a bit of the history
> David's Haiti years and interest with the rest of us.

What I only knew David from the list, as well.  I'm sure that others knew
him better
than I, but for those who did not know David, he was a painter and film
maker who
also became interested in jazz ... had a Jazz Loft in NY.  I understand the
jazz loft
has been featured on CNN, CBS Sunday Morning.  He went to Haiti in 1955 on a
Fulbright scholarship.  He studied art, took photographs, etc.  His
photographs on
Haiti are located at:  <http://www.bluuchip.com/haitiphotographs.htm>  His
related to Haiti are found at <http://www.bluuchip.com/haitipaintings.htm>.
returned many times (22?) to Haiti.