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8197: Highlights of Radio Signal FM news (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

 1.   Haiti: Highlights of Radio Signal FM news 1230 gmt 5 Jun 01

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Signal FM news 1230 gmt 5 Jun 01
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jun 5, 2001

"0730 Appointment" news; figures in brackets indicate times in minutes
elapsed since start of programme

1. [00] Headlines.

2. [04] Jean Gabriel Fortune, former deputy of Les Cayes in the 46th
legislature, was released conditionally from jail yesterday afternoon. He is
the Convergence's representative in the South Department. Fortune called on
all citizens to assume their responsibilities to save democracy in Haiti and
renewed his commitment to keep fighting beside all democrats for the
promotion of democracy in the world.

3. [06] In a speech given on the inauguration of the 31st OAS General
Assembly, OAS Secretary-General Cesar Gaviria said in Costa Rica that early
legislative elections should be held in Haiti in 2002. He explained that
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide promised the OAS to form a new Provisional
Electoral Council, CEP, to hold early elections to renew the parliament and
the senate. Successive OAS missions to Haiti have failed, but there is no
doubt that the latest legislative elections were marked by many mistakes,
according to Gaviria. Smith Venet, Signal FM's special envoy to Costa Rica,
reports that Gaviria did not make any recommendations to the OAS General
Assembly about Haiti following the failure of his most recent mission.

4. [09] Professor Hubert de Ronceray, leader of the Patriotic Movement To
Save the Nation, MPSN, has rejected Gaviria's statement about holding early
elections in 2002. De Ronceray says that Gaviria's statements have made the
Haitian crisis even worse. The following is an excerpt from De Ronceray's
statements: "We in the MPSN consider Gaviria's speech as a personal
commitment to the Lavalas regime. Instead of contributing to the resolution
of the crisis, this speech has worsened the situation. It has aggravated the
crisis. Gaviria has made a proposal not to resolve the crisis but to
aggravate the crisis." In conclusion, De Ronceray says that Gaviria has "a
partisan attitude".

5. [11] Ads.

6. [15] FL spokesman Jonas Petit supports the proposals made by Aristide to
the OAS. Petit once again criticizes the behaviour of the Convergence
members who are still asking for the zero option. Petit says that FL has
clearly shown its willingness to contribute to the resolution of the crisis.
"Indeed, these proposals are ones that have brought solid and well-balanced
elements that can draw the attention of those of good will who want to help
the Haitian people get out of their current situation. I believe these
proposals were carefully thought out."

7. [18] The leaders of the National Unity Movement, Moun, went to Costa Rica
to denounce the Lavalas regime's political brigandage and the hypocrisy of
the OAS, which they accuse of complicity with the Lavalas regime.

8. [20] Seven senators have voluntarily resigned in order to allow the
crisis to be resolved. On the initiative of controversial Senator Martineau
Guerrier, a resolution in this sense was passed yesterday by 13 out of 14
senators during a special session held at the Senate on 4 June. Luc
Fleurinord, Fedner Pierre-Louis, Nadia Mondesir Sanon and Dieuseul Simon
Desras are among the senators concerned by this resolution.

9. [23] Professor Herve Denis has criticized the Lavalas regime and
announced difficult days for Haiti because the protagonists prefer to defend
their personal interests instead of the interests of the general public.

10. [25] Ads.

11. [28] Economic segment by Georges Henry, Jr on Argentina's economy, which
is on the brink of the abyss.

12. [32] Ads followed by international news.

13. [42] Ads.

14. [47] Lavalas parliamentarians say they have no problem with the proposal
the party leader has made to the OAS. According to this proposal, FL is
favourable to the formation of a new CEP that should hold early elections in
order to resolve the crisis. Several parliamentarians say they are ready to
withdraw if that will facilitate the resolution of the crisis.

15. [49] The National Magistrate's School yesterday received 30 future
magistrates within the framework of judicial reform in Haiti. These 30 new
students will be trained for 15 months and will represent the school's third
graduating class. Justice Minister Garry Lissade, who was present at the
inaugural ceremony, asked the future magistrates to become examples for the
progress of justice in the country.

16. [53] A road accident on Saturday [2 June] in Carrefour Dufort not far
from Leogane caused one death and several injuries.

17. [55] News summary.

Source: Signal FM Radio, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1230 gmt 5 Jun 01

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