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8199: David Young

From: MKarshan@aol.com

I knew David well. I met him through Chari Rabinowitz (who sent a
post to the list about David). I used to visit his loft when I still lived
New York and when he came to Haiti he visited me.  He was very excited
the return to constitutional order and I think he once wrote a letter to
editor to that effect (I have to look in my things).  As a former
Scholar he was able to be heard when he wanted to.  He was always
about how Haiti was wrongfully depicted in the media and he had the energy 
and passion to share his memories and love of Haiti with everyone.  Some 
months after President Aristide returned he became discouraged and then 
outright angry that his talents weren't being picked up by the Tourism
in Haiti.  He became annoyed with me and all the other relatively
who couldn't possibly understand Haiti the way he did because we didn't 
experience the history of the country the way David did.  David felt that
had a unique understanding of Haiti, and he may of having spent a lot of
in Haiti over many decades.  He did love Haiti very much but his memories 
were of a yesteryear that he cherished but that may not necessarily of
what the people of Haiti are striving for.  He did take incredible footage 
and photos of carnival in the countryside in the 50s. 

David had suggested to me that I stay at a little guest house that was
special to him and I did live there for two weeks in 1994.  My daughter
and I 
visit there periodically because we have fond memories of the place. That 
place has an incredible history and for those of you who know where I'm 
referring to know how special that place was to David.  This guest house
originally founded with the blessing of a military outpost near it and to 
which the guest house was closed related.  David often bragged about how
had promoted the place to many foreigners and how it had become wildly 
popular.  The proprietor of that guest house, Jeanette, died a few years
and I know that was very hard for David.  He and Jeanette had still been
contact and he stayed there whenever he came to Haiti.  I went there
to let the remaining folks there know that David had died.  They were very 
sad and reflected on how the folks from that time are dying out.   

I would like to be in contact with David's daughter if anyone has her
info or could pass on my email address to her.  Also, I have some unusual 
memories of David to share if there is anyone who was close to him who
to enrich their memories of David.  He was quite a character.  One of the 
funniest and fondest memories of my two daughters' lives involves in
that happened at David's loft!  We'll never forget it and I would be
to share this bizarre incident with anyone off list if they are a David

This is a sad time for me.  My mother just died when I went to New York in 
February.  I am grateful that I had two weeks by her side before she died.
wish that David and I had reconnected before his death. I think my last 
correspondences from David were kind of grumpy about Haiti's situation
that was a few years ago!).  But I am thrilled that his ashes will be will 
dropped over Haiti.  I hope that really happens.  Another person who was
incredible Haiti enthusiast over decades died recently in New York as
Although his will directed his ashes be dropped over Haiti, the executor
the will refused to do so.  I wonder how many foreigners have directed
executors to bury them or spread their ashes over Haiti.  I know that Maya 
Deren's husband Tage (spelled wrong) was buried in Haiti at his request.
this is a difficult task for David's family, I would be happy to be of 
assistance as I'm sure others who knew him would be happy to help as well.   

Peace, Michelle