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8220: 8191 Mambo Racine and AIDS (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

Mambo Racine writes:
"There is more - Johns Hopkins and Dr. Reginald Boulos' partnership in Cite 
Soleil, for example.

In this situation, every person and every house in Cite Soleil had a number, 
given to people and painted on houses by Dr. Boulos' employees.  Every 
person's food allotment, every person's vaccinations (from numbered, 
catalogued lots of vaccines) were recorded and entered in that database at 
L'Hospital St. Catherine de Laboure, under the direction of Dr. Boulos.  Then 
Johns Hopkins sat back and watched as AIDS and it's buddy tuberculosis ate 
their way through Cite Soleil.  They never treated anyone, they didn't try to 
deter the spread of AIDS, they didn't inform people of the results of their 
blood tests, they just kept on recording.  It doesn't take a genius to deduce 
what was in those vaccines, or why the AIDS rate in Cite Soleil is much 
higher than in other, comparable slum areas of Port-au-Prince."

I think Americans who act like Mambo Racine should be denounced.  The first 
part of her statement shows that the Cite Soley clinic had a thorough 
knowledge of the population it was serving.  The second part about the lack 
of treatment shows that the clinic did not have the means to treat AIDS.  She 
acts as if there are international conspiracies to exterminate Haitians.  I 
believe she is influenced by some incompetent Haitians.  There are hundreds 
of American missions all over Haiti where Americans practice whatever they 
want, and treat people however they want.  Some may do a lot of good, some 
may do a lot of harm.  When a Haitian doctor like Dr. Boulos has a clinic in 
Cite Soleil that becomes unacceptable.  The reason many find it unacceptable 
has nothing to do with the Mambo's allegation of contamination .   Every time 
a Haitian tries to build something private to serve other Haitians, people 
find it suspicious.  Many hold the belief that "Depi nan ginen, neg rayi neg" 
 and they cannot believe that good work can be done by a Haitian without 
exploitative motives.  They believe that only religious people can do good 
work, especially if they are Americans.  If a Haitian does good work it 
embarasses the government because a working non-religious institution proves 
that good work can be accomplished by Haitians.  Immediately, the government 
and other jealous lazy people are out to get you and destroy you.  
Unfortunately Dr. Boulos's clinic in Cite Soley has been destroyed.  What has 
replaced it Mambo?  Where do the people of Cite Soley get their health care?  
Do you know a centre de Sante run by the Aristide/Preval governement 
providing good health care, keeping accurate records on the neighborhood, and 
providing vaccination and food to the children as you say L'Hopital Ste 
Catherine did?
By the way, I have not met Dr.Boulos but my Haitian family has a long 
tradition of work in medicine in Haiti.  My grandfather and both my parents, 
and 3 of my sisters went to the Haitian medical school as did Dr. Boulos.  
Most people I know believed that Dr. Boulos' clinic in Cite Soley was doing 
outstanding work.