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8218: Re: 8195: Reparations and crooked leaders red herring (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< It seems that symbolic conscience-easing aid to poor black people is to 
 day what most people of european descent feel comfortable with. >>


I am a person of primarily European descent, and I think the idea of 
reparations is absurd.  There is no one left alive today who is a former 

My own grandmother, who came to the USA from Germany, was raped on the ship 
on the way over, exploited in sweatshops, forced to live in degrading 
conditions.  She's passed away - do I deserve reparations?  Nah.

Haitians were listed as a risk group because at that time, they WERE a risk 
group!  There was a verifiably higher rate of HIV+ status among Haitians than 
average.  What lay people did with that information is another story, but the 
same goes for all sorts of scientific information. 

<<...If you read what Mambo Racine wrote about the 
 scandalous organised murders of Afrikan peoples (including in Site Solèy) 
 via the AIDS virus and if your read how President Tabo MBeki is suffering 
 from all kinds of attacks from the former colonial powers because he has 
 landed an ear to those who dared mention the link between AIDS and the polio 
 vaccine trials done in the Great Lakes region (Burundi, Rwanda) back in the 
 1930s...And research the link all this has with the introduction of the 
 virus to Haiti, then you will understand why it is better for the U.S. press 
 to speak of a former prostitute's work in Site Soley and not of John 
 Hopkins' Boulos connection in the same area.>>

True enough.  Now, Mbeki was wrong wrong WRONG to attempt to prevent pregnant 
HIV+ women from receiving AZT treatment.  But he is right about those vaccine 
trials!  Even the Boston Globe ran an article in 1995 or 1996 about a link 
between vaccinations and "blood cancers", "atypical leukemias", "bone marrow 
disorders", I mean they did everything but come out and say AIDS.  They 
promised a follow up story, too, but it never came out.
 True, reparations of any kind to Black people will not come any time soon. 
 Not because of a so-called genuine fear that genetically "crooked" black 
 leaders will steal it. But because those who have and continue to benefit 
 from the priviledges of slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism (including 
 genetic warfare in Tuskegee or in Site Solèy) do not have the courage to 
 look at reality straight in the face and sacrifice even 2% of their 
 priviledges in order to accomplish meaningful change in this world.
 C. Henrius, I usually enjoy and respect your contributions to Corbettland, 
 and my comment is in no way personal. But, on top of all the slanted trash 
 Trenton Daniel and Michael Norton are publishing about Haiti in the 
 international press (which seems to be all right wing-sponsored these days), 
 some of us have become somewhat hypersensitive to anti-Afrikan 
 (anti-Haitian) clichés. In my opinion, the question you raised come from 
 that european tradition of demeaning black leadership, in order to continue 
 getting away with murder.
 Jafrikayiti >>

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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