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8222: AIDS and AID from our friends (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Please note an important correction to my previous message (Reparations and 
crooked leaders red herring). I wrongfully made reference  to a certain 
former prostitute doing charitable work in Site Soley. Instead, I meant to 
write «a former playgirl». I thank the list member who rightly pointed out 
to me that  posing for Playboy Magazine, a prostitute does not one make. And 
my point was certainly not to pass moral judgement on a person's profession. 
I apologize if my error mislead anyone in that regard.

However, while verifying the information, I noted something intriging about 
the charitable organization in question.



I noticed that information about their Board of Directors currently presents 
only one individual and he seems to have strong ties with several 
pharmaceutical companies and as well with John Hopkins' Medical School. This 
attracted my attention because I remember that John Hopkins was cited in the 
experiments taking place in Site Soley. Pharmaceutical companies are 
certainly interested in the results coming out of these experiments and 
having «saviour status» among the tested population does make for excellent 
PR and easy access to subjects. Perhaps an innocent coincidence but it still 
caught my attention.

I noticed that their short list of Sponsors does include well-known 
organizations such as the Church of Latter Day Saints that have deep roots 
in Haiti but that list is suprisingly very short.

This being, if one takes it at face value, such a praise-worthy initiative, 
it also surprises me that only one member is listed under their Board of 
Directors info.


«And Toussaint Ginou looked Napoleon straight in the eye and said: Brother 
Citizen, when I was thirsty, you gave me vinegar and now you are offering me 

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