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8238: Haiti: New civil society movement shows itself to be pro-Lavalas (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: New civil society movement shows itself to be pro-Lavalas
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jun 6, 2001

Text of report by Haitian Metropole radio on 6 June

A new pro-Lavalas group has been formed and it is called the Civil Society
Majority Movement [MSCM]. It is very critical of the Civil Society
Initiative Group [GISC]. This movement presents itself as an inescapable
factor in all negotiations for a way out of the crisis. Journalist Wendell
Theodore reports the following:

[Theodore - recording] The seven members of the MSCM are, for the most part,
pro-Lavalas. They claim to be the civil society majority because, according
to them, they represent 130 organizations. They adopt the same statement
which interim Lavalas leader Yvon Neptune made against the GISC last week
when he accused them of being a minority of civil society. The members of
the movement, created on Tuesday 5 June, are taking a position in favour of
the 21 May elections and they present themselves as true and worthy
interlocutors in all negotiations.

[Unidentified MSCM leader] To speak of the complete annulment of the 21 May
elections is to insult the Haitian people. It is insulting the vote of the
majority of society, of which we are the true representatives. The mere
expression of the Civil Society Initiative [Group] of Rosny Desroches proves
a true intellectual fraud by the [word indistinct] by civil society.

[Theodore] While continuing their attack against the GISC, the MSCM leaders
see in GISC a movement whose objective is to maintain political and economic
power. This organization is not representative, they said....

[Unidentified MSCM leader] Who gave Desroches a mandate to speak on behalf
of the Haitian people? In order to defend the rights of this civil society
majority, which we represent here, we are creating today the MSCM and we
solemnly declare it. We declare that we are ready to hold a dialogue today
with the minority civil organization GISC.

[Theodore] The MSCM, which is proposing to play the role of mediator in the
crisis, presents itself as a vindictive movement. The arrest of former
General Prosper Avril is a reason for concern. The MSCM comments on the

[Unidentified MSCM leader] We are launching a vibrant call to the justice
minister for a correct trial of former General of the Haitian Armed Forces
[FAdH] Prosper Avril for the ignominious crimes committed against the
Haitian people.

[Theodore] With the creation of this movement, which is taking place just a
few days after the interim Lavalas Family leader told the GISC to disinfect
itself, should we count on the existence of two civil society organizations
in Haiti from now on? The current government considers one [GISC]
pro-opposition, while the other one declares itself to be pro-Lavalas.
Should we believe that the minority and majority game that Lavalas has been
tackling in the last few days will cause even greater division in the

Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 6 Jun 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.