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8248: Six Arrested in Haiti for 'Plotting Against State' (fwd)

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Six Arrested in Haiti for 'Plotting Against State'


PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Six people were arrested in Haiti for
``plotting against the state'' after police found bomb-making
materials in a home outside the Caribbean nation's capital, police
officials said on Thursday.

``They were arrested on charges of planning to launch a bombing
campaign,'' police spokesman Jean-Dady Simeon told Reuters. ``We
found the same kind of bombing materials used in previous bomb

The six, members of a little-known political party called the
United Force for National Liberty, were arrested on Wednesday in
the Mariani district west of Port-au-Prince, police said.

Police seized materials used to create pipe-bombs similar to those
that have periodically gone off in the capital since President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide was reelected to a five-year term on Nov.

Days before the November vote, which was boycotted by the main
opposition parties amid a dispute over parliamentary elections
earlier in the year, a pipe-bomb campaign killed two children and
wounded more than a dozen others in Port-au-Prince.

Two weeks before Aristide returned to office on Feb. 7, four
home-made bombs exploded in the capital, wounding two people.