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8256: Re: 8251: 20 years later, AIDS-Haiti, a painful anniversary , (fwd)

From: Philippe Dumoulin <p.dumoulin@worldnet.att.net>

I would appreciate if any one could comment:

-  Regarding the allegation of Haitian carrying the AIDS virus, is there any
connection between the first wave of unwanted Haitian "Boat people" arriving
on the shore of Miami?

- Which group or organization first started this allegation?

- Was there any protest, action or perhaps reaction from the Duvalier's

- In the 1980's could, or was it more difficult for a native of Haiti or for
"someone who visited Haiti recently"  to get life insurance without an
increase in the premium?

- Can this be considered as the biggest identity mistake of the Medical
field in the 20th century and if yes was there any apology?