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8258: Re: 8251: 20 years later, AIDS-Haiti, a painful anniversary , (fwd)

From: haiti@ixks.com

>years, might seen a long time, for me, it was

Not a long time at all.  As recently as last year someone who had just found
out I worked in Haiti and was preparing another trip back gasped and said,
"Oh my -- be careful!"  When I asked why, they responded, "AIDS."  And how
long has it been since the movie, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" was
boycotted?  20 years *is* just yesterday.  And yes, the scars of slavery are
not only still taking their toll on African people's everywhere, but its not
even really over -- its just called 'neo-colonialism' now.  Perhaps the best
way to begin restitution is to stop doing the things that make it necessary
in the first place.

C. Henrius