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8270: To the Haitian Community in your area (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

To the Haitian Community in your area 
With an Aim of justifying the Haitian community in
your area to give a cultural existence, it would be
good to equip this community with a festival which
will coincide with the patriotic activities which, in
this occurrence are held in Haiti. Why this activity
and with this question.  Our objective answers: 
In several grown Haitian communities a generation
which is unaware of still what it is to be Haitian so
much so that it is disavowed there or maudit it each
day. In addition, to hear this generation, the former
generation informed of the beauty, the capacity and
the hospitality of this nation, wonder with
overflowing of heart: which is the crime of this
country to deserve this ingratitude?
              Here, our judgment is not to seek to
accuse or condemn the ostracism of rising
              generation, nor to justify the
perplexity of the preceding generation, but rather to
              seek, find and treat the truth and the
causes of this indifference. Observing the
              migratory process, we notice that each
people bring with him and maintain his
              culture into major part in spite of the
necessity of integration and acculturation.
              The Jew cultivates his children as a
Jew, the Italian cultivates his Italian children, the
Cuban, Portoricain, Jamaican all cultivate their
countries. And why Haitian doesn't cultivate
Haïtianisme? We believe that it is the responsibility
for each Haitian to maintain its culture in the
country in which he/she lives or the place that he/she
occupies. And it is in this spirit that each one among
you should take part or organize these kinds of
activities in your area so that our children are
Accustomed to our culture. (January 1: Independence of
Haiti, May 18:Celebrates Flag and University, November
18: Battle of Vertières) 

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