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8308: Double Citizenship (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Double Citizenship
The 1987 constitution was written with passion and
with bad intent. First Ban a large number of the
population from participating in the affaire of the
country. A large number of them were educated and
financially stable. We had repeated the same mistake
our grandfathers did after taking our independence by
massacring the French. Also, one does not have to
remain in the country for 5 long years to run for
office since the people will decide let them decide.
Since 1975 the Haitians living abroad had contributed
a lot to the Haitian economy, yet we manage to keep
them out of the political affaire of the country. With
the economic dilemma the country is facing right now,
no foreign support, the Haitians in the Diaspora could
have done a sacrifice effort not just helping their
families but also providing substantial help for the
country. They can. The Haitian congress should pass a
law allowing Haitian citizen to have double
citizenship and be able to hold any post in the
country. How do we look? Haitian citizen had been
voted into office in different part of the world,
attorney Brutus in Florida is the latest example.
Still now no serious discussion has been held on that
issue, since there will be an election to replace the
7 senators why not having a referendum in whether to
accept or not double citizenship. Let the people
decide and that decision will forever change the
political landscape. When is time to ask for
economical support, we call the Diaspora in return why
not bringing on the senate Floor that amendment and
pass it with a voice vote. It is time to give to all
Haitians the voting power regardless where they live.


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