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8311: Re: 8308: Double Citizenship (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

Most recently during the Clinton administration there was a politically 
inspired movement in the United States Congress to deprive green cards 
holders of certain benefits and perks which were to be reserved only for 
citizens of the US. 

Sensing problems for its citizens living abroad, Mexico promptly passed 
legislation granting Mexicans living abroad the right of dual citizenship. 
The newly elected             President Fernandez of the Dominican Republic 
followed the Mexican lead and used  presidential fiat to grant to Dominicans 
the same right of dual citizenship. 

And of course Haiti did not remain inactive. Haitian political leaders gave 
lip service to the concept of dual citizenship for Haitians and all kind of 
promises were enumerated. 

So far all we have is the right to send money via Bobby Express, Hatrexco, 
and the diaspora being celebrated through songs of all sorts. But in reality 
"nad marinad." 

Heck, we even have a 10eme department with a paid minister at its elm. Every 
now and then in Haiti there is a huge brouhaha about some fairs pour "Les 
Haitiens d'outre mer." The leading theme is always "Venez investir dans votre 
pays." (the focus is always on your hard earn money) At times Haitian 
politicians of all plumage come to the US and Canada to raise funds from the 
"diaspora" for their projects back home and they never fail to tell how much 
"natif natal" they are (they take the money and insult you "diaspora" who is 
not considered so natif natal.) 

A lot of patriotic noise and still no right to vote, no representation, no 
dual citizenship. 

Vous comprenez, les choses ne peuvent pas se faire du jour au lendemain. La 
46eme legislature, la prochaine legislature, la Constitution, bla, bla, 
bla..... et le debat se poursuit. 

e pi, e pi, anyen!