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8316: Bill Maher attacks Vodou

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

Bill Maher, who once associated Haitians with AIDS in one of his spoofs,
denigrates before a national audience the religion practiced by millions
around the world, especially in Haiti. The topic was the recent push by
the Bush administration to consecrate a special day to celebrate Jesus
During yesterdays show (June 13, 2001),  Mr. Maher, the otherwise funny
host of ABCs late night popular show Politically Incorrect, responding to
a female guest who was expressing the possibility of every single religion
having now its own national celebration day, said Yeah, next we will have
those chicken heads eating people asking for a Vodou day.  To that Randy
Tate, Executive Director of the Christian Coalition and another guest,
echoed Yeah like Vodou is a real religion. 
(I wrote these quotes while watching the show.  See the exact words on the
site bellow. The transcript will be posted on 6/15/01.  I could not wait
until then to pass this along). 
Bob, how many Corbettlanders  are we? 1000, 1200... 
My suggestion is this. 
Let us start right away a letter/fax/email campaign to the Walt Disney
(which owns ABC), Politically Incorrect Productions and ABC and make Bill
do the politically correct thing. 
Michael Eisner , CEO  or/and  Bob Iger, President ABC 
same address:  The Walt Disney Company, 500  South Buena Vista, 
Burbank, CA  91521    Tel. 818 560 1000 

Bill Maher or/and Carole Chouinard (producer) , Politically Incorrect 
7800 Beverly Blvd.  Burbank, CA   90036   Tel.  323.575.5000 
Internet sites: http://abc.go/pi/ 

Lets not waste our time in some cockamamie religion/philosophical
Lets not reinvent the wheel.  Every group, when attacked, does it. 
A couple of months ago, Bill Maher yes the same guy- had to issue an
apology on the air to the physically challenged.  Lets force him to not
only do that, but also invite one or two people who can clearly articulate
to a national audience that indeed Vodou is a religion . We have plenty of
folks around to appear (Max Beauvoir -Belgarde Smith- Tom Driver- Liza
McAllister and so on). 
Just 250 snail/e-mail, phone/fax calls could do the trick. 
Lets also CC those letters each to the other and (for those who can) to
the competition (NBC-CBS-CNN-MSNBC and even FOX theyll love to stick it to

Johnnie Mc Calla and Mary Archer (NCHR) please take the ball and run with

jean jean-pierre