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8319: Re: 8309: Double Citizenship (Re: 8308) (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

> Amedard wrote:
> A Haitian would choose to pledge their allegiance to the United States, yet want to
> run the political organization of Haiti, is a Haitian who is politically fickle.
> Citizenship and its responsibilities should not be something one claims or denies
> when convenient.  Such a situation is comparable to that of a polygamist, or a
> philanderer who loves 'em all and cannot be faithful to any 'one'.

You've got to be kidding! A person holding dual citizenship is akin to a polygamist and a
philanderer! Asinine!
Tell that to a  Dominican, an American, a Mexican, an Israeli, a Ghanian and the great
many of other folks around the world in that category.
Until the actual regime in Haiti gets wise and instructs the parliament to amend the
constitution and confer dual-citizenship on the 2 mil. Haitians of the Diaspora, WE will
always be on our knees depending on the so-called international community to cover more
than 80% of Haiti's budget.