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8327: RE: 8318 Dual Citizenship (fwd)

From: JAALLEN181@aol.com

Re: Dual Citizenship
    The discussions on dual citizenship are often framed in such a way that 
only issues related to the Diaspora are usually deemed relevant.  
    The other side of the issue concerns the Haitian society itself.  A lot 
of "Haitians" living in Haiti, who own businesses and practice crafts 
reserved for Haitian nationals are technically no longer Haitians.  They have 
continued to utilize advantages afforded Haitians while holding foreign 
passports.  It is even rumored that some members of the parliament and even 
some ministers are no longer Haitians.          This situation requires 
prompt attention.  An amendment to the constitution is what it will take, but 
the process is lengthy and cumbersome.  The legislative branch does not have 
the power to change things with a law as it was suggested by a member of the 
list.  We should be patient and should do it by the book.
    Both Aristide and Preval have talked a lot about their willingness to 
make the changes, but so far neither has initiated the process leading to 
dual or multiple nationalities.  I do not know whether they really mean it or 
whether they are just playing politics with the issue to keep the Diaspora 
engaged.  However, I think that allowing dual citizenship will make it 
possible for more "Haitians" living in Haiti to "come out of the closet" and 
will put an end to this highly irregular situation.

Joseph A. Allen DDS
Miami, FL