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8337: Fw: A STRANGER FINDS HELP IN HAITI!! 16th June (fwd)

From: jacqualine labrom <ljacqui@haitiworld.com>

I have a Ti Tonton in at the moment - a tourist of over 70 years old, and
he's staying at St. Joseph's guesthouse on Delmas 91. Well in all that heavy
rain of Friday nite I got a phone call at 9pm saying 'Jacqui its Albert and
I'm lost'!!!! He had missed his turning on 91 and carried on walking - he
said he likes walking - that's for sure.  I talked to some Haitian people
who had helped him get a phone to phone me and they said he was actually at
Delmas 16!!! So in the dark and the rain I went down to get him, and he was
perfectly safe and sound. People had been really nice and helpful to him -
they had opened up the bank (!) so he could use the phone and people kept an
eye on him until I got there.

Its nice to report good news. I never had any doubts about the helpfullness
of the people here, but this is nice to be able to prove it!!

Jacqui Labrom

'Journeys for the enlightened traveler'
'Voyages pour le touriste éclairé'
'Los viajes para el turista iluminado'

Tel.No: 257-4005/557-0753

NB from June 26th until July 10th I will
be in the UK so you can reach me on
my Intl. email: JLABROM@aol.com