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8341: From talk to Action; Just focus on your hometown (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

We Haitians, we shall invest in our hometown back in
Haiti, help develop small business, this will create
jobs and many do not have to emigrate in the Capital.
Forget about the whole country, everyone should be
focusing on doing something in his/her hometown, other
neighborhoods will copy and in a short period we can
change the face of Haiti. We have for basic needs:
Food, Shelter, health and road (Why not a railroad
linking all Depts. Despite our poverty most of our
fruits are wasted because of lack of transportation).
We can no longer cultivate small piece of land, but
using up to date technology to grow plant. There is a
Haitian organization base in Miami that help in
planting trees and may be providing free gas oven to
the needy we should assist that organization. If
proper mechanisms are in place, Haiti can produce
enough rice, bean, corn, sugar for the whole country
and sell to outside in less than two years. A
subsidize plan shall be in place to assist the
peasant, a new method to raise poultry and fish as
well as pork and cow. Distribute gas oven to those who
cannot afford to buy and sell the natural gas below
the market price, this will prevent folks from cutting
the trees. Get real; we can do a lot together. If we
Haitians join Hands and work collectively for the well
being of the country, we can assist in the development
of the country.  The country needs road, can we the
citizen of Haiti assist in building a High Speed Train
for the next generation. No progress/ development can
be made without adequate communication system. Can we
do it in Haiti? of course, we can. We have to do
something for the country without worrying about who
gets the credit.  We have been talking and analyzing
for too long, it is time to act on what we believe in.
We have to stop comparing Haiti to Cuba or the
lifestyle we are living in the US or Canada. Let start
form the beginning, learn to work in team, and respect
each order.  (A long time ago, when Baby doc was in
power, I met an individual while I was visiting the
US; he is in the morgue business, I said it could have
been a good idea to have a morgue in your community,
he replied "I'm against the government" I said what
this has to do in doing something for your own
community. It did not take six months his mom went to
spend some times back to her hometown a remote place
very close to Pestel, she died from cardiac arrest, by
the time he heard the news her mom was already buried,
upon returning back to the US. He built a morgue in
her hometown. I said brother this has nothing to do
with the government; you just did something for your

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