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8351: President of Haiti??

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sev.org>

I checked the site <http//www.lihadh.com> and the first thing that
struck my eye when I opened the English version was: "Interview with
Haitian President Mr. Gerard Gourgue".  The last I knew Jean Bertrand
Aristide was elected by the Haitian people to be President, and to my
knowledge he still is President.  Claiming to be president or having
some rabble rousing group appoint someone to be president doesn't make
them president, so why is this "Haitian-American League for Human
Rights" calling Gerard Gourge the "Haitian President"?  Maybe they don't
care for Aristide or what ever, but he is still President, and in my
humble opinion should be addressed as such instead of some "wannabe"
being called "president".
Bruce Wharram