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8366: Partners in Progress seeking executive director/fundraiser (fwd)

From: "Dr. Rich Gosser" <rgosser@tcsinternet.net>

Partners in Progress

Partners in Progress is a 501(c)-3 non-profit organization incorporated in
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Through educational outreach and
development grant programs PIP will make known the accomplishments of
Haitian peasant associations (especially the Association of Peasants of
Fondwa  APF) as well as their needs and the challenges they face and raise
financial support for rural sustainable development in Haiti.

PIP is an seeking Executive Director/Fundraiser
to launch national organization in support
of rural sustainable development associations in HAITI

Contact:      Dr. Rich Gosser
        329 N. Fairfield Street
        Ligonier, PA  15658

        Tel:  (724) 238-9204
        Fax: (724) 238-4603
        Email:  rgosser@tcsinternet.net

Experienced, motivated professional sought to assist on short term basis (
6 months with the possibility to be hired permanently) in launching a new,
non-profit organization  Partners in Progress  (PIP) Americans supporting
rural sustainable development in Haiti.

Over the next 6 months, the Executive Director/Fundraiser will be
responsible for:

- establishing a national presence for PIP by creating and disseminating
printed and internet information materials about PIP

- raising donated, tax deductible funds to support the operating costs of
PIP and to fund development grants for current and future development
projects of APF and other organizations approved by the PIP board of

- carrying out a search for a permanent Executive Director/Fundraiser

The individual sought should have either:

(1) prior experience in education and fundraising or
(2) strong linkages in the Haitian solidarity movement in the U.S.

Other desirable qualifications include (1) Kreyol language skills, (2) prior
experience in launching an organization of this type, (3) good public
relations skills

Terms of employment to be negotiated.
Immediate start date.

To apply please send resume and cover letter to the contact name above.