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8368: Highlights of Signal FM Radio news (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Highlights of Signal FM Radio news 1230 gmt 18 Jun 01
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jun 19, 2001

Figures in brackets indicate time in minutes elapsed since start of
programme. Passages within slantlines in French

1. [00] Headlines.

2. [03] A national day of prayer was organized yesterday by the Catholic
Church, the Haitian Protestant Federation, and the Methodist Church.
Reverend Edouard Paultre says they are praying in order to get the country
out of the crisis. Former Senator Paul Denis says this is a very good
initiative. He hopes everybody will hear the calls of the churches. No
member of the current government was present at the Port-au-Prince Cathedral
yesterday for the opening of the national day of prayer.

3. [06] The Democratic Convergence members say they do not understand the
international community's intention to send a technical commission to Haiti
within the framework of the formation of the new Provisional Electoral
Council, CEP. Former Senator Denis says a consensus between the Lavalas
Family, FL, and the Convergence is a precondition for the Convergence's
participation in the CEP.

The following is an excerpt from Denis' statements: "A technical mission is
not something essentially good or bad. That depends on what role this
commission will play. If this technical commission comes to support a
credible, neutral, and independent CEP, as theoretically mentioned in the
resolution of San Jose, Costa Rica, and discussed in a practical manner by
the Convergence in the letter we have sent to Jean-Bertrand Aristide, //it
will be something good, something very good.//"

Denis goes on to say: "Our position is that we must establish a credible,
neutral, and independent CEP. To establish a credible, neutral, and
independent CEP, it is necessary that the Lavalas power, the civil society,
and the Convergence sit together, discuss, and agree on the composition of
this CEP, its mandate, its mission, what it will have to do, how it will be
set up, and what political and security environment it will have. If these
conditions are met, there will then be no problem, and we will be part of
this CEP once it is a CEP that will be set up in a [word indistinct] manner
and on the basis of compromise."

4. [09] The Civil Society Initiative Group, GISC, has expressed reservations
about the formula proposed by President Aristide for the formation of the
new CEP. The GISC says that not all sectors in society have been identified
as components of the CEP. Rosny Desroches, an influential member of the
GISC, asks that the head of state's formula be completed so we can reach an
independent and credible CEP that meets the expectations of all the people.
Desroches thinks Aristide's initiative to invite the various sectors of the
population to designate their representatives to the new CEP is a very good

The following is an excerpt from his statements: "I believe that we must
make a difference between form and content. With regard to the form, it is
certain that we do not agree with the way things happened, because there was
not enough consultation that would lead to something consensual on the basis
of a true resolution. In our statement, we told them that we think that it
did not reflect the opinions of all parties enough. However, even though we
can say that we have reservations about the content, we also acknowledge
that it includes some positive points, because they admit that there was a
mistake that needs to be corrected and have proposed a correction. We think
that this needs to be taken into consideration. Therefore, in our statement,
we encourage all the protagonists to use the proposal contained in the
resolution as a starting point for negotiations that should first focus on
the question of CEP so a consensual formula can be found."

5. [14] The Pastors' Conference for Haiti's Revival, COPARH, will soon
designate their representative to the new CEP. Pastor Vincent, one of the
COPARH officials, says the organization, which is an umbrella for several
associations, received an invitation from President Aristide to propose
names for the new CEP. Vincent says consultations are going on now within
the COPARH to choose its representative to the new CEP.

6. [15] Ads.

7. [20] Examining Judge Gassant left Haiti 48 hours after he tendered his
resignation to the justice minister. Gassant left the country on 16 June
aboard an American Airlines flight for the United States. He spoke of a lack
of means to carry his inquiry into Dominique's murder to a successful
conclusion. However, he is willing to resume his activities as examining
judge if his security conditions are guaranteed. He explained that he was
leaving Haiti for both personal and security reasons.

8. [23] Reporters Without Borders want Gassant to resume duties as examining
judge in the Dominique murder case. The organization is pleased by Gassant's
willingness to resume his activities. However, the organization thinks
Justice Minister Lissade must show an unequivocal attitude about Gassant's
security. The organization adds that the justice minister's refusal to
accept Gassant's resignation must be accompanied by clear measures to
protect the judge and to facilitate his job.

10. [26] Report on the case of Prosper Avril, who was arrested last month.
The Court of Appeals has rendered a verdict in favour of Avril's release.
Attorney Reynold Georges, one of Avril's lawyers, asks for Avril's
unconditional release and explains the court decision was rendered under
Article 26.1 of the Constitution.

11. [28] Calm has been restored in Fort-Mercredi, a shantytown in the
Carrefour-Feuilles area, where a confrontation between two groups of people
led to several deaths and the burning of 60 houses last week.

12. [29] Ads.

13. [31] Economic segment by Georges Henry, Jr, followed by ads and
international news.

14. [42] Report on a meeting held last weekend between Justice Minister
Garry Lissade and Minister of Haitians Living Overseas Lesly Voltaire. They
discussed the need for a constitutional amendment that would allow Haitians
with dual nationality to enjoy privileges. Voltaire says the 1987
Constitution has caused an injustice by considering Haitians who have become
naturalized citizens abroad to have lost all their rights in Haiti. Minister
Lissade says it is time to put an end to the problems faced by Haitians who
have dual citizenship when they decide to live in Haiti.

15. [49] Ads.

16. [52] Electricity of Haiti's capability has increased by 20 megawatts of
electricity received from the consortium Haytian Tractor and Energy
International since 15 June. This has led to four more hours of electricity
each day in Port-au-Prince.

17. [55] Report by correspondent Rene Voltaire in Jacmel: The
Aristide-Preval government has released 1m gourdes for the rehabilitation of
the road that links Jacmel to La Vallee de Jacmel. This information was
announced by former Planning Minister Anthony Dessources, who is currently a
member of Aristide's private cabinet. He also announced several other road

18. [57] News summary.

Source: Signal FM Radio, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1230 gmt 18 Jun 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.