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8375: Re: 8371: Safety First (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< In talking about "SAFETY" how many of you will favor the government to 
take "Full Measure" against criminal or "Zenglendo" without any doubt, the 
Zenglendo's Phenomenon must stop and it will take a strong man to do that 

Senou, this is just so naive - do you want to suggest that at this point, 
there is anyone advocating leniency for zenglendos?  And since the present 
"strong men" haven't done as well as you would like, maybe it is time for a 

<<Are we willing to give full immunity toward future prosecution to whoever 
who will take the lead to eradicate Zenglendo in the country. A limited 
innocent will be victim in that war, this happen in any risky operation.>>

Whoa nellie!  What are you suggesting, giving someone license to kill whoever 
they think is a zenglendo, and if they make a mistake and kill some innocent 
dude, oh well?  LOL!  You sound like McVeigh talking about "collateral 

<<... the Haitian government has the obligation to remove that fear by 
staging a full-scale war against Zenglendo. >>

Senou, it's not like the police have been ignoring them.  The problem is that 
some of the police ARE the zenglendo, or they subsidize their own little crew 
of zenglendos for a percentage of the take.

<<In the meantime, it could have been a good idea for the government to 
register all taxis driver who serve the airport area in the long run all 
taxis drivers should be registered. >>

Hmph!  The Haitian government can't even deliver national ID cards in a 
timely manner - I know one guy in Jacmel who waited for eight months to get 
his.  Now you want them to register not just cars and not just drivers' 
licences, but taxi drivers in particular?  Good luck.  There are registered 
"chauffeur guides" at the airport anyhow.  And what good will it do to 
require taxi drivers to register?  Criminals will buy or borrow or steal a 
car or license plate or registration or whatever they need.

<<All tourists local or foreign shall change their currency to the Haitian 
Gourde at the airport. >>

Oh that's a great idea, now I am going to leave the Mais Gate Airport with a 
load of cash?  ROTFLMAO!  Oh, that's a great safety tip, yessirree!

<<No one should be allowed to change money in the street, the Haitian 
 shall not allow the US dollar do be circulated in the market, only Haitian 

That is the one suggestion you have made so far which makes sense but it 
isn't enforceable.  Jamaica has the same laws, at least they did the last 
time I was there, and people were changing money all over Negril Beach and 
everywhere else.

<< Also, the Haitian government shall not release any Haitian criminal
 deported from the US,>>

Keep them in jail for life?  Feed and clothe and house them for life?

<< these criminals who were raised in the US are account for 90% of 
high-level crime in Haiti. The US is better equipped to handle these 
professional thieves. >>

Oh HO!  I am better equipped to be victimized?  My tax dollars are better 
equipped to be wasted?  Those folks are not American citizens, they are 
Haitian nationals who have been convicted of felony offenses more than once.  
What do you think the Haitian government would do with me if I started 
knocking over business in Jacmel?  Naturally they would deport me.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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