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8383: Re: 8380: Re: 8372: Re: 8365: Re: 8358: Dual Citizenship Dorce to Racine ... (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

P D Bellegarde-Smith, please tell me how 

"this does not equate with Haitians who live abroad with no desire ever to 
live in Haiti" 

is relevant to dual citizenship? 

Are you speaking for all Haitians living abroad as to their desire to live or 
not to live in Haiti?  

Are you for dual citizenship for Haitians living abroad who have desire to 
someday live in Haiti and against it for those who may never live there? What 


"The situation presents differently
 with some countries such as Greece or Germany where one cannot renounce
 citizenship, or with Third World countries trying to impact on U.S.
 foreign policy through domestic politics such as Mexico and the Dominican

Don't you think Haiti should be trying to do just as Mexico and the Dominican 
Republic in their attempt to influence from within U.S. foreign policy? 

"While growing up in Port-au-Prince, I knew of many Haitians with
many passports, one in particular, had five (5)." 

I am just trying to get your drift.