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From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Press release 85/2001
(15 June 2001)


The Member States of the Caribbean Community have followed with continued
interest, the evolution of the political crisis in Haiti. They did so
against the background of the Region's continued concern about the political
crisis in that country and the impact of that crisis on the Haitian people,
whose democratic, social and economic aspirations it holds dear.

Through their Ministers Meeting at the Community Council of Ministers in
Kingston, Jamaica on 14 June, they therefore welcomed the commitments given
by the President of Haiti as contained in his letter to the General Assembly
of the Organisation of American States in Costa Rica and the subsequent
adoption of a Resolution by that Organisation in support of strengthening
democracy in Haiti. These commitments they considered to be encouraging and
critical steps towards the resolution of the post-21 May 2000 electoral
difficulties that have created tensions within Haiti and between Haiti and
the international community.

At the same time the Ministers acknowledged the concerns expressed in the
said letter regarding the urgency of normalizing relations between Haiti and
the international financial institutions, and are confident that the
international financial community will respond positively to the steps being
taken by President Aristide to promote political stability in his country.

They expressed satisfaction at the role played by the Caribbean Community in
recent efforts by a Joint CARICOM/OAS Mission despatched to Haiti to assist
in promoting a resolution to the political impasse in Haiti. They expressed
disappointment however that a solution acceptable to all parties has not yet
been found, and that there remains a lack of trust and confidence among the
main stakeholders in that country. They expressed the hope however that the
process started by President Aristide would be continued, widened and
deepened with the cooperation of all parties, with the aim of arriving at an
early and definitive resolution to the political crisis.

Against this background, the Ministers supported the call made by the OAS
for the Government of Haiti, the political parties and civil society, and
other relevant institutions of Haitian society to commit themselves towards
the creation of a climate of confidence conducive to a broad based
agreement, with a view to resolving the political crisis and strengthening
democracy and respect for human rights in Haiti.

They urge the President of Haiti to continue to widen and deepen his efforts
to start the process of a definitive resolution of the political crisis.
They also welcomed and supported his initial steps in this regard and look
forward to the establishment and installation of a new Provisional Electoral
Council by 25 June 2001, just ten days before the Conference of CARICOM
Heads of State and Government in Nassau, The Bahamas.

The Ministers of the Member States of the Caribbean Community call upon the
international community to continue to support Haiti in its efforts to
achieve social and economic development and progress. They recognised that
the available financial and technical assistance to this country at this
critical time is of urgency and therefore call on all involved in the
release of these funds to contribute to this process with the objective of
furthering the recently started process of reconciliation and resolution.

Finally they expressed the hope that Haiti will be able to take up its
position as a full member of the Community once the re-run for the seventh
contested Senate seats is finalised, in free and fair elections, within the
framework and time-frame outlined in President Aristide's letter. The recent
establishment of a CARICOM Office in Haiti in advance of this event,
demonstrates the confidence that the Caribbean Community places in the
people of Haiti to speedily resolve their difficulties and thus provide the
opportunity for the Government and People of Haiti to join as one with the
Government, and Peoples of the Caribbean Community in this our integration

Kingston, Jamaica
14 June 2001