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From: Jraphaelg@aol.com


I have often heard of the dreadful and laughable excuse -others would prefer 
to say comment-: “Haiti and Haitians are unique”. Thus, trying to understand 
and explain rationally this binomial entity would amount to a futile academic 
stunt or a gratuitous mental gymnastics.

In most civilized or democratic societies, there is what is called due process
 and No One is above the law. Not so long ago, in Washington D.C., we have 
witnessed The Most Powerful Man in the Free World being subjected to the 
dictatorship of the Law during what I dare to call The 
Bill-Clinton-Monica-Lewinski-Saga. In that constitutional and legal sparring 
the Independent Prosecutor’ power superseded that of the President. This is 
what I coined The Dictatorship of the Law.

In any murder case, the Police investigation takes precedence over everything 
else. Often times the person who is the closest or the one who has either 
seen or been with the victim last (or the first seen or been on the scene) 
would be, without being necessarily a suspect, the prime object “in” the 
investigation. In this regard we may revisit the O.J. Simpson, the Menendes 
brothers and closer to us the Robert Blake (Baretta) cases. In the latter, 
although the victim has been buried, the Criminal Department of Investigation 
-the Police- is still doing its work: an inquiry. The Blues do not intend to 
repeat detective Mark F.’s misconduct: If there were a glove, they would want 
it to fit !!!. 

We may recall that following the Princess of Wales’ death the Royal Family 
could not proceed with any burial plan. There was a procedure to follow! They 
had to wait for the Criminal Department of Investigation or the Police to 
first complete its work. In well organized countries the role of the Police 
is to:
a) know the environment (to be well informed);
b) make inquiries;
 c) make an arrest (if the case is such) and/or to hand over the case to a 
Court of Law.

In our Republique Tet Anba (our Upside-Down Republic) things are done 
otherwise. The body of Jean Léopold Dominique was cremated and its ashes 
sprinkled over the Artibonite River before any police investigation could be 
initiated. A key witness -a suspect- to that sordid crime, Wilner Lalane (who 
was shot in the buttocks) was, in the word of the widow, placed under high 
police surveillance and... However, while being treated in a hospital, Mr. 
Lalane succumbed to his mortal injuries: a bullet in the buttocks!!! Like 
that of Clément Jumelle, Lalane’s body mysteriously disappeared from the 
morgue. How convenient!  In our Republique Tet Anba everything seems to go 
backwards. The Scale of Justice is turned upside down. down!!!

Dr. Jacques R. Georges
www.lihadh.com or www.humanrights@lihadh.com