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8427: The Editor of Haitian Times Garry Pierre-Pierre wins a Pulitzer Prize (fwd)

From: Jacd28@netscape.net

Belated Congrats to Garry Pierre-Pierre for winning a Pulitzer Prize

Date:   Sunday, June 17, 2001 02:06 AM =20

From: Garry Pierre-Pierre

I'm the editor of the Haitian Times and I must say that I'm amused by the
level of discussion on this subject. First of all, there has not been a
barrage of negative news about T-Vice in the paper. T-Vice asked Lincoln
Center $8,000 to play there and we questioned the wisdom of that. Most
American artists would play there for free because it's such a prestigious
venue. I think it was a bonehead decision on the part of T-Vice manager and
we pointed it out. Then, we did a review on the T-Vice album, which the
reviewer didn't think much of it. So that's his perogative. Then, we wrote 
story criticizing Micky for attacking T-Vice's mother during Carnival. Then
the other article was a personal look at the T-Vice phenomenon. Simply said,there hasn't been that much about T-Vice in the newspaper. Zin, Tabou get more play because they are better and more important bands in our opinion.

As far as us wanting bals from T-Vice, that's absurd. We are not bal
promoters, we are promoters of Haitian culture. There is no money to be made from doing bals. We contacted T-Vice and Micky to play for us on the Labor Day and both asked $10,000 and we told both of them to take a hike and we hired Djakout Mizik for a 2-year contract. We are the major sponsor and organizer of FestiKonpa. We put up most of the money and logistics and all.
On a personal note, there is no other Haitian journalist in this country who is better known than me. You can go under any search engine type my name and you can see for yourself. And while I'm at it, strike Haitian. I'm one of the most PROMINENT journalist in this country, having spent 8 years at the New York Times, winning a PULITZER PRIZE and several other awards. I got sort of bored there while watching my community fall apart. We started this newspaper with a gusto. Some people said we wouldn't last 3 months because Haitians don't read English. Well, we're growing by leaps and bounds.
Stories have been written about us in Africana.com, Brill's Content, New
York Newsday, New York Daily News, Miami Herald, Fort Lauderdale
Sun-Sentinel and on and on and on.... The other newspapers and websites have been around much longer and they will never get as much play as we get.
Ralph Delly has become a community lore, writing and saying things that no
one dare say. That's the motto of the Haitian Times, Bridging the Gap. The
white folks are not buying our "exotic shit" They know that we don't stand
for anything. The Haitian Times has been a catalyst for change. We are
writing stories about a Haitian professor's attempt at getting the US Postal Service issue a stamp to commemorate us. We're writing stories about Haitian American judge in Rockland County. In South Florida, we dominated the story of the Haitian rise to political power. So you see people please read the Haitian Times and get yourself familiar with it. It's worlds ahead of what's out there. I'm not saying it, Americans and Haitians are saying it. It's all out there for you all to see. Now how many newspapers have written about T-Vice, despite their having drawn 1,000 people per bals. Tabou Combo has done a hell of a lot more for Haitian music. T-Vice has a formula that works, It's making money, but don't try to bullshit people and think that their music is good. There is nothing origninal about it. The groove is copied from their father, they try to act like Micky and sound like him. So you see The Haitian Times can't give props to imposters. In due time people will come around !
to their lack of talent and one thing to remember is that the Haitian Times was not conned.=20


garry pierre-pierre

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