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8423: ADOPTION (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

It's good when a child finds a lovely home. If someone
would like to help a child, adoption is not the only
way, one can pledge to send money to help a particular
child, such as pay for his/her school, food and
shelter. I prefer religious, state sponsor place to
assist children where one can check. Trust but verify.
In most countries, many organizations are helping
needy kids, why not helping them financially in order
to provide more help. If that person is really seeking
a child to adopt not a helper (you know what I mean),
one should look for those children between the ages of
1 to 5. 
It could have been better for a normal and establish
couple over 39, must be able to meet the needs of the
child financially. A limited resource person should
not even think about adoption, economic stability is a
must. Also, the lifestyle of that person shall weight
a lot in the balance. There are some lifestyles a
child shall never expose to. Lot of nonsense is going
around these days, one should be careful. Filling out
an adoption questionnaire should not be enough to
allow someone to adopt a child, a deep background
check about that person that should start from High
School. His/her moral value shall be a priority, a
well paid profession (yearly salary for couple at
least $75,000 and if you are single minimum $45,000
but should be more) that child should go the top
school and upon graduating from high school shall go
live on campus. He/she shall not become a helper in
the house or a source of getting help from the
Come over here, (Haiti), pay a surprise visit to some
charities organization base on what they do, if they
meet your establish standard assist them or adopt a
child a put him/her in that center, send money each
month for food, school, and pocket money. Upon
graduation, enroll him/her in college in the US or
assist that long distance adoptee to attend
university.  Adoption, Yes; servitude/ helper, No
Why no try long distance adoption?

(NB: it is not only the rich who can afford generator,
those of you who are working in the Diaspora can
purchase one for your family in Haiti or you can use
solar panel, the possibility is endless, today, you
can work hard and prepare a great future for your
children, there are many who had done that in Haiti.
Instead talking, buy a piece of land, build a house
step by step, furnish it. Even though you don't live
in Haiti, just build a vacation home. Most of you have
difficulties to invite your friends to visit Haiti and
host them because you don't have a decent place.)

Soon returning to metro Atlanta from a great summer

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