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8429: Re: 8415: 8400: Re: 8378: Information wanted - Bois Caiman (fwd)

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>

In response to:
>From: madison bell <mbell@goucher.edu>
>Great that the corn meal was good, and sad that in fact there was a
difference between the state of Bois Caiman between my first visit in March
of 2001 and the second in late April of 2001. On the first occasion, the
poster of the painting was faded but still visible and identifiable. The
second time it was torn as well as pretty much effaced.The tiny plaque was
OK both times.  There had been a heavy storm meanwhile, so it would be
hasty to say the poster had been vandalized.  As for the creek ford, it is
true that once you get past there, it's possible to go on up country for
some distance. BUT, a lot depends upon the distance between your axles!
Also some drivers seem to know how to negotiate these obstacles, while
others get stuck. If one is simply going to Bois Caiman, the walk of a few
paces is still easier than the glide-dip and climb of the ditch! In any
case, the site deserves better markers  and more accurate and complete
information.   Regards, LeGrace