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8431: Re: 8421: HAITI: A PERVERTED DEMOCRACY (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

> In post #8421, Dr. Jacques R. Georges wrote:
> " In well organized countries the role of the Police is..."

I am not Lavalas apologist, but I wonder if the good doctor has any clues on
the nature of the preceding regimes.  Foremost, the title of your post (which I
assume is not Corbett's), suggests that Haiti has had such a long democratic
experience. Try fifteen years.  Even in the great US of A, in 1786, just a few years
into this country's independence, Daniel Shays, a captain during the American
Revolution, staged an armed rebellion which lasted seven months. Even after being
captured, Shays was pardoned and later received his war pension. Remember it took
this country more than 150 years to "bestow" on blacks the right to vote.
Just to remind you Doc, the Haitian police force -scion of the Haitian army- was
trained and equipped by the United States.  Ask Bill O'Neill -formerly of The
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights- how the Pentagon thwarted  all efforts that
would bring the Swiss to train the Haitian police. "Not in my backyard," said Tonton
Yeah, our Haitians brothers are screwing up.  But please save us the time and energy
with your myriad comparisons of U.S. criminal cases and Haiti's.
By the way, are you the head of the organization (Haitian American League for Human
Rights) that calls Gerard Gourgue the [real] president of Haiti?  It is a "perverted
democracy" indeed when you and your group support  the notion of two presidents in
Jean Jean-Pierre