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8449: Re: Re: 8446: Spelling, orthography and blatance - Antoine sighs , and comments (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

For godssake, there is an official standard for Kreyol orthography that was
decreed back in 1979 (nearly 21 years ago, folks!)  Do a little research, and
move on with the program.  This lack of effort on the part of many who
may prefer to take comfort in the false assertion that there is "unfortunately"
no standard orthography of Haitian Creole will continue to hamper our efforts
to promote the language and to settle on one method of teaching Haitians to
read and write their national langugage.  There is a growing body of Haitian
Literature [fiction, scientific (yes, medical or otherwise), biblical, scholastic,
political (last November, I read the electoral laws and procedures properly
drawn and correctly spelled in standard/official Kreyol orthography), and other]

Though Haitians themselves have not rushed to embrace their own literature,
preferring the folie de la francophonie, let us please stop this pretense that
anything goes since we do not have standards.  It's a convenient excuse,

To examine what's available in the NO LONGER insignificant body of
literature that conforms itself to the official orthography (I believe it's the
same one for both of Haiti's governments), I highly recommend a look at
Féquière Vilsaint and Maude Heurtelou's publications (www.educavision.com)
and Jean Mapou's vault at www.librerimapou.com .

I am just plain tired of hearing this false tune that there are no standards.
There are, seek them.

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti