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8464: Electricity,teleco and water utility (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

This problem can be resolved. The State of Haiti shall
appoint a team to disconnect anyone who receives power
illegally, disconnect those who have not pay their
monthly bills. Before doing so, that team shall
initiate an impartial internal investigation within
the company. Fire any employee who is part of the
shame, requests that particular employee to refund the
money that he/she had collected and he/she shall serve
time. The same thing could be done for Teleco and the
water utility. Electricity, Teleco and Camep
experience a management problem, these three state
companies do not need to be privatized in order to
bring appropriate correction. 
To Solve this growing problem, 1) Fire the
administrators of these 3 companies the same day. 2)
Appoint an administrative team to remedy the
situation. That team should disconnect anyone who has
not pay his/her bill, disconnect on the main line
anyone who has use the power, telephone and water
	An initial stage, the customer should not be
penalized however the employee should be busted. As
far as the big companies that refuse to pay for
service, this is a joke. In the US, France, China and
other countries no one will there steal electricity,
telephone and water without a severe consequence that
will include jail time. 
	This should not be a problem at all. If the current
Haitian government is willing to clean up that mess,
bring responsible individuals in charge of these three
states companies. Also, transfer technicians from
coast to coast, they don't know anyone, they come here
to do a job and return to their original station.
There is reason for that, they are unknown
(incognito), and they will just disconnect any illegal
line. Like the government is taking a tough stance
against the Zenglendo, which is necessary to return
the country to normalcy, it should take the same
stance towards theses three companies. Electricity
d'Haiti, Teleco and the water utility.

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