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8466: Re: 8451: Financially challenged CAN adopt -Bushey (fwd)

From: Anez14u@aol.com

     Thanks for stating so well what I felt, and what I think many list 
readers must have felt, while reading Mr./MS. Senou's response to my original 
posting (#8395 6/21).  I received many kind responses to my request for 
advice for my friends who are considering adopting a Haitian child.  I 
thanked the senders and forwarded their comments on to my two minister 
friends who are considering the adoption.  I forwarded all but one I should 
say--that one was the one to which you responded.  It made me so angry to 
believe that anyone thinks money is the most important ingredient in a parent 
child relationship that I truly felt I would not dignify the Senour posting 
with a response-now, after having read yours, I realize that I really should 
have said what utter and complete nonsense I thought this response was based 
on.  Most of what you posted I can simply say ditto to.  I have a 14 year old 
son that I brought back when I went over on a mission trip to Haiti four 
years ago.  I brought him home with me because he had been terribly abused 
and victimized in his home country.  He is now the center and light of my 
life.  It has been a daily struggle to make ends meet but we have had a 
wealth of help for anything we could not handle such as Shriner's for 
surgeries, church camp scholarships, priorate school with extra tutorial help 
via scholarships, etc. etc etc.  I am an elderly man trying to get by on a 
Social Security Disability of $600 and what I can pick up with part time work 
as possible (never to exceed $700 a month).  My son has had numerous offers 
to be adopted or placed with a more traditional family and by choice has 
always said no way.  He is a happy, well adjusted, very popular young man who 
has trophies to show his outstanding talents in drama, dance, trumpet, 
baseball, basketball, soccer and volunteer community services (not bad for a 
child who could not walk less than 4 years ago).  I do not consider us 
deprived at all--we have each other and that is more than either of us ever 
had before. 
     The young couple who are considering the adoption are thinking about it 
because of their relationship with my son and myself.  They are both 
ministers with small congregations and together probably fall far short of 
$45,000 a year.  What they do have is a wonderfully loving, safe, and 
sheltering home in a great community of caring people.  I know many people 
who have adopted children from Haiti but I really do not think any of them 
fall in that income category.
    Thanks again for responding to the Senou posting as I should have and 
best of His blessings be given to you and your child.
Tommy Henderson