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8471: Adoption: Stop playing like an Angel (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Well many are using the poverty in Haiti to exploit
the Haitian kids. I do not agree sending children with
unknown individual to live abroad. Period. There are a
few who are doing it with good heart (intent) but what
about those pedophiles, the baby seller. Once that
child left the country, there is no way to know what
he/she becomes. Too many stories about child abuse in
the US and Canada. Churches: a bunch of gay priest,
pastor, lesbian nun are still around. Many are hiding
behind religion. Who is accountable for that child
safety? I still believe the best way to assist a child
is not to remove him/her completely from his/her own
culture and environment but to assist. Yes, you must
be financially stable. Thousand of children are
exploited throughout the world; a few good cases are
not enough to close eyes in letting folks taking
Haitian kids. Some may have bad intent.
	Why not helping them in Haiti? Why they have to come
here? It would be lot cheaper to raise them in Haiti.
Why not using long distance adoption?   Why not
letting proper organizations do the job? Why not
helping these organizations?
	Many children are being exploited? I repeat again an
extensive background search shall be done, your
lifestyle shall also be taken into consideration, and
your sexual orientation has to play a big role in it.
No body shall be concerned about what you do close
door; however, when you are dealing with someone else
child, these questions shall be answered.  Some of you
are making a big deal about the money issue; well I
was referred to lifestyle in the US. Disregard it
completely. Poverty does have to force a child to be
exposed to some unacceptable lifestyle. (You can
figure out what I mean) Period. Stop that nonsense,
some pedophiles and baby sellers are afraid to adopt
American children because they will be held
accountable if anything happen to that child. The
practice of letting a stranger takes a child and leave
the country without knowing what happen to that child
shall stop. If you are living in Haiti, it's ok, if
you adopt a Haitian child born in the US or Canada it
might be ok. If you really want to help a child, help
him/her in Haiti. and may Gob bless your heart.

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