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8479: Highlights Radio Haiti Inter news (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Highlights Radio Haiti Inter news 1200 gmt 25 Jun 01
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jun 26, 2001

Figures in brackets indicate time in minutes elapsed since start of

1. [00] Prelude to the "Inter Current Events" newscast. Recording of Jean
Dominique saying: "It is 0700. I wish everybody good morning." His widow,
Michele Montas, answers live: "Good morning, Jean. Good morning to all.
Today is Monday, 25 June, 441 days since a courageous militant of our
fragile Haitian democracy was murdered. The conclusions of the investigation
and the hearing of the case, the final brief of the public prosecutor and
the ruling that will follow will reveal at least partially who killed him or
who paid for the murder but will probably not reveal why. Why did Jean
Dominique cause fear? Why does he still cause fear? What power of money,
what sordid politicking interest had this committed, scrupulous, and honest
journalist bothered? Who was afraid of his lucidity? Who is still afraid of
this vision from beyond the grave? Who is afraid of a free man? Here is the
newscast from the Jean Leopold Dominique studio."

2. [02] Dominique's recording on more than 50 years of persecutions of Radio
Haiti Inter, followed by headlines.

3. [05] Ads including Jean Dominique's recording: "I do not have any other
weapon than my profession of journalist, my mike, and my unshakable faith as
a militant for change, true change. It is good to tell this truth this
morning, the truth of a free man."

4. [07] Ads demanding justice for Jean Dominique and condemning impunity in

5. [08] Report on the dollar exchange rates in various Port-au-Prince banks
over the weekend.

6. [09] Ads.

7. [10] International news on an earthquake that has so far caused 55 dead
and more than 890 injured in Peru.

8. [13] Ads including one on the poor performance of the judicial system and
vain promises about justice for Dominique.

9. [15] Report on the situation in Fort-Mercredi, a Port-au-Prince
neighbourhood, where a climate of fear and distrust has persisted for about
a week. The doors of dozens of homes remain closed and several streets are
forbidden to strangers. A climate of fear and uncertainty prevails in the
area where gunshots are heard despite the cease-fire signed at the National
Palace over the weekend by representatives of the two groups. On 20 June,
two persons were shot and killed in the area. The wife of Port-au-Prince
Cemetery Director Felix Bien-Aime was wounded the same day. Bien-Aime is
accused of being at the origin of the conflict. Children interviewed by
journalists say they cannot sleep at night. Some residents of Cite Jasmin,
in the same area, ask authorities to take measures to prevent such
incidents. It should be recalled that this conflict, which began about two
weeks ago with a land dispute, has caused about 20 deaths and much material

10. [20] In spite of the incidents in Fort-Mercredi, no weapons have been
seized or arrests made. Human rights organizations, women's associations,
and other groups have been investigating. They present a crushing report on
the incidents in Fort-Mercredi. According to the report, there is a land
dispute, but the true cause of the problems is the anarchical actions of
groups close to the Lavalas Family, FL, in these neighbourhoods. The report
also denounces the behaviour of the head of State and the Haitian National
Police, PNH, director general in this matter. Their behaviour appears to
encourage impunity. A spokesman for these organizations said: "In this
particular case, the authorities have the wrong attitude. They are not
taking it seriously, because they do not want to take sanctions against
their own grassroots members, because the people who were received recently
at the National Palace on this issue are the ones who participated directly
in the slaughter." The organizations investigating the Fort-Mercredi
incidents criticize the National Palace and the PNH for the way they have
managed these incidents. The true causes are the wrong doings of FL members
working in Port-au-Prince City Hall, the report concludes.

11. [26] Headlines and ads.

12. [28] International news on the arrest in Venezuela of Vladimiro
Montesinos, former head of the Peruvian intelligence service and an adviser
to former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, and his extradition this
morning to Peru where he will have to answer the accusations brought against

13. [36] Ads followed by recapitulation.

14. [38] Ads.

15. [39] Ads against impunity with Dominique recording.

16. [40] Headlines to be developed later during the newscast.

17. [43] Ads.

18. [45] OAS Secretary General Cesar Gaviria arrived in Haiti yesterday. He
is accompanied by [OAS Assistant Secretary General] Luigi Einaudi and
[Caricom Assistant Secretary General] Albert Ramdin. "We are here to explore
the possibilities of an agreement," Cesar Gaviria explained. The OAS
delegation met with Aristide yesterday in his residence in Tabarre. Guy
Paul, culture and information minister, reports that the delegation met with
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in his residence. The president was
accompanied by the foreign minister, the culture and information minister,
and others. Paul said: "The meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere. The
main topic was the formation of a new Provisional Electoral Council, CEP."
The president is ready to announce the formation of the CEP on 25 June as
provided for in the OAS resolution, Paul added.

19. [49] The Democratic Convergence will meet with Gaviria this afternoon,
according to Micha Gaillard, a Convergence official. "Within the Convergence
we will hold a meeting this morning in order to plan what we are going to
discuss with Gaviria," Gaillard said. He added that they will not agree to
join a CEP that is not independent. Asked about the implications of their
meeting with Gaviria, since the new CEP will be formed today, Gaillard
replied: "Let us wait until the day ends. Perhaps, this time, Lavalas will
show wisdom."

20. [51] Edouard Paultre of the Haitian Protestant Federation, FPH, said
that the FPH is involved in the formation of a new CEP and has responded to
a request from the executive branch. He explained: "We need enough
guarantees... We will have a meeting with the delegation today not as a
member of the FPH but as a representative of the Civil Society Initiative
Group, GISC." He spoke of measures that should accompany the formation of
the new CEP: "We think that we need enough time to form the CEP so it can be
acceptable to all. We need to create trust in society." He added, "Even
though the date is important we need to form a CEP that can meet everybody's

21. [55] Headlines followed by ads including one by the 30 September
Foundation inviting the people to sign a petition demanding the official
dissolution of the Haitian Armed Forces.

22. [60] Central Bank Governor Fritz Jean reports on the consequences of the
political crisis on Haiti's financial situation. He explained that given
that no international aid has been received and inflation is soaring, the
Central Bank might have to raise the ceiling on issuing money.

23. [64] Playing of the national anthem.

24. 65] Report live from the United States by a correspondent on the arrest
of former Colonel Carl Dorelien, who told Radio Haiti Inter of the good
relations he had with the US Government while he was in office in Haiti. He
explains that he was doing a job for the United States and received
congratulations on a job well done. In addition to Dorelien, Jackson Joanis,
a former high-ranking Haiti Army officer who was previously arrested in
Miami for similar reasons, might be deported to Haiti.

25. [73] Former Army official Joanis, who was tried recently in the United
States, refuses to be deported to Haiti. He states that if he is sent to
Haiti, he will be killed. The next hearing on Joanis's case is in 30 days.
Joanis had close ties with former US defence attaches in Haiti.

26. [75] Ads.

27. [76] Report by Croix-des-Bouquets correspondent Ralph Simeon: Judicial
authorities in Croix-des-Bouquets have released five members of people's
organizations who were arrested during a demonstration against
Croix-des-Bouquets Mayor Jean-Claude Pierre. The mayor is still in jail. He
is accused of corruption and shooting at demonstrators. None of his
colleagues have expressed support for him.

28. [78] A national assembly of Haitian judges was held yesterday in
Port-au-Prince. The judiciary is being structured, judges have formed the
National Federation of Magistrates. Serge Louis-Charles, spokesman for the
magistrates, says they are making efforts to establish a sound judicial
system. Judges will hold their next national assembly on 15 July.

29. [81] International news.

30. [84] Ads.

31. [87] Resumption of the report on dollar exchange rates in Port-au-Prince

32. [87] International news.

33. [89] The president of the OAS World Trade Organization, WTO, will meet
with commerce ministers of Caribbean countries in Kingston, Jamaica on 28
and 29 June. The purpose of the meeting is to allow Caribbean Community,
Caricom, countries to reach the same conclusion as the WTO on new trade
measures. According to the Haitian Platform for an Alternative Development,
PAPDA, the meeting is part of a campaign by WTO officials to facilitate the
implementation of an economic globalization programme. PAPDA asks the
Haitian Government to tell the people what position they should take on the
WTO measures, whose consequences are the destruction of the commerce of
countries with weak economies. Yves Andre Wainwright, a PAPDA official,
thinks "the Haitian commerce minister should announce the position he will
take with Mr Moore, the director of the WTO." He added: "What is not good
for Haitian producers cannot be good for Haitian politicians."

34. [92] International news about the concerns of European consumers on
using the euro as the only currency.

35. [93] Ads.

36. [94] More than 135,000 students will take this year's State-run
baccalaureate exams. Education officials comment on measures taken to make
the exams a success.

37. [97] International news on the international parade of homosexuals in
Toronto, Canada yesterday for Gay Pride Day. Gays also demonstrated in

38. [99] Montas concludes the newscast by saying: "We have taken three
minutes from the Sports news time. It is now time for Jean and me to leave

39. [100] Sports.

Source: Radio Haiti-Inter, Port-au-Prince, in French 1200 gmt 25 Jun 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.