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8485: Haitian Art Exhibit (fwd)

From: CRGross <crgross@worldnet.att.net>

Joseph Cantave, a wonderful Haitian artist living in the Boston area, is
having an exhibition of his beautiful works. As an admirer of his paintings
I would like to invite all of you Haitian art lovers (or art lovers in
general) to this event.

June 22 - August 31
Essex Art Center
56 Island Street
Lawrence, MA 01840

The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 5pm - 7pm and Thursday from
6pm - 8:30pm. His paintings can also be viewed exclusively on the internet
at MedaliaArt/The Art of Haiti www.medalia.net.

If you live in the area it will be a thoroughly enjoyable visit. He uses
color and brush strokes in an impressionistic style and he has developed
quite a following.