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8501: Real Haitian, You have done a great job (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Who could have imagined seeing the Haitian bicolor in
every High School in Miami on the Haitian Flag day? 
Creole is offered in some public schools in Dade
County. The new Haitian generation is fighting to keep
its culture alive. Keep on doing the good work. Those
few who failed to teach their children the beautiful
language of Haiti and their heritage, you are making a
colossal mistake. Please don't. Oh my child does not
want to learn Creole, If your child does not want to
learn his math skills, biology what are you going to
do? Are you going to say he/she does not want to?
Nope. If you are in this situation, try to act like a
real teacher (educator). Bring some incentives on the
table; approach any topic about Haiti with an open
mind. Anytime you see the media brought something
negative about Haiti, come up with a valid example
that he/she can experience in the US. Send that child
to spend vacation or make Haiti one your favorite
destination to spend a good vacation. Identify area
where Haitian descent speak Creole fluently and also
among the top students in their class. Visit Haitian
communities in various places in the world. Visit
historical monument where you are likely to find some
Haitian footprint ex Go to Savannah, Georgia. Your job
is to make that child always excited to learn about
Haiti.   The Haitian people in Miami, Chicago, Boston
had done a great job, you deserve to be praised for
keeping the Haitian culture alive, for teaching your
kids the Haitian language. Now, I'm asking you to
learn how to write in Creole, it is going to take
time. Today, the people in Miami, Boston, and Chicago
had imposed the Creole language. Considered, the
influence of the English language throughout the world
and be able to maintain your language and culture
after 2 generations is a great accomplishment. 
Base on research, a child can learn up to 4 languages
and speaks like a native speaker without any problem.
Learning a foreign language can help you increase your
score on major tests such as SAT, GRE and so on, find
a better job, communicate with more people. This
generation, your next job is to bring the Creole
Language more visible over the net.

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