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8504: 11 Haitians migrants die in Bahamian waters (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

11 Haitians migrants die in Bahamian waters

Nassau, Bahamas, CANA - Eleven Haitian migrants died and six 
were trapped yesterday in the hull of a wooden sloop that was 
shipwrecked in shark-infested waters off Rum Cay in The Bahamas, 
officials said. 

The victims were among a group of more than 90 Haitians who 
crowded on to the 30-foot (nine-metre) vessel in a bid to reach 
the United States from their impoverished Caribbean country. 
Bahamas Immigration Director Vernon Burrows said tiger sharks 
circling the boat prevented rescuers from getting to the partly 
submerged sloop.