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8512: Highlights of Radio Haiti-Inter 1200 gmt 29 Jun 01 (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Haiti-Inter 1200 gmt 29 Jun 01
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jun 30, 2001

The "Inter Current Events" news; figures in brackets indicate times in
minutes elapsed since start of programme; passages within double oblique
strokes in Creole

1. [00] Prelude to the "Inter Current Call for Events" newscast.

2. [03] "Ads" on persecutions against Radio Haiti Inter for more than 50

3. [04] Headlines and ads.

4. [09] Report on the US dollar exchange rates at various banks in
Port-au-Prince yesterday.

5. [10] Ads.

6. [12] More than a year after Jean Dominique and Jean-Claude Louissaint
were murdered, the inquiry into these murders has reached deadlock. The
human rights organizations and the Jean Dominique Echo Foundation hold the
government responsible for the slowness observed in this issue. These
organizations say the various obstacles recorded so far clearly indicate
that rich and powerful individuals are involved in this murder. The Jean
Dominique Echo Foundation and the human rights organizations ask the justice
minister to respect his commitments. During a news conference, the human
rights organizations criticized the attitude of the people's organization
members who demanded the arrest of Examining Judge Claudy Gassant.

Patrick Elie, a member of the foundation, spoke as follows: "//Our hopes
were reinforced after 7 February, first by President Aristide's public
statements on Radio Haiti Inter on 3 March. He said that no matter what,
justice will be done for Dominique and Louissaint. My hopes were reinforced
again when the justice minister, lawyer Gary Lissade, who is directly
concerned regarding the means that should be put at the disposal of the
examining judge, said that impunity would end in Haiti. However, the reason
for our talking today is not hope but rather anguish, which is increasing
among us in the face of what we have observed since these pleasing remarks
that gave us hope.//"

Elie adds: "//What is a bigger problem is the apparent indifference of the
executive power about the issue.//"

The Jean Dominique Echo Foundation and the human rights organizations say
they are worried because none of the promises made by Lissade has been kept.
As an example, they cited the absence of measures so far against Judge
Jean-Gabriel Ambroise. These organizations question the quick action taken
by the justice minister in the case of Judge Jean Senat Fleury.

Jean Simon Saint-Hubert, a member of the Haitian Platform of Human Rights
Organizations, says: "...that speaks of people who are obstructing justice
or are thwarting the process of rendering justice. We think that the
government should assume its responsibilities before those people. Why? They
have already been demonstrating, while saying so-and-so is not guilty."

In a letter to the justice minister, the foundation and the human rights
organizations call on Lissade to respect his commitments to satisfy the
demands of the examining judge, to set up a security plan that should result
in a trial, and to give the relevant authorities the necessary means to
carry out their duties. These organizations say they are surprised that
Gassant's security conditions have not been revised so far.

7. [18] Ads on impunity and demanding justice for Jean Dominique.

8. [19] International news and ads.

9. [26] Report on the candlelight procession organized on the evening of 28
June by the leaders of the Christian churches. The leaders of the Catholic,
Episcopal and Protestant Churches call on the politicians for flexibility in
the face of the situation of extreme poverty of the Haitian people. At the
conclusion of the march, which gathered together several hundred believers,
the church leaders denounced the division that gnaws away at the Haitian
social web and that prevents the protagonists from reaching a political
agreement. The churches urge Christians to put pressure on the protagonists
so that they can initiate true negotiations that result in a viable and
lasting agreement to get the country out of the deadlock. At the conclusion
of the march, Mgr Jean Jacquet Duracin, bishop of the Episcopal Church at
the Port-au-Prince Cathedral, read a joint message.

10. [31] According to Senator Paul Denis, the Democratic Convergence is
ready to negotiate with the Lavalas Family, FL, in order to reach a
political agreement that will allow the country to get out of this difficult
situation. Denis confirms that, in the next discussions with the Lavalas
government, the Convergence will submit the same agenda that was presented
in the last negotiations. The procedures to create the CEP, the kind of
elections that will be held, the political and security environment, and
police neutrality during the elections are the main points of this agenda.
The Convergence met Ambassador Sergio Romero on 27 June. The discussions
focused on the steps taken by the OAS to resume the negotiations at the end
of this week.

Asked whether the "//the Convergence is ready to participate in the CEP or
if they still set the same conditions//," Denis replies: "//We do not set
conditions. We say reasonable things. We say that if they are talking about
a CEP, if you set up a CEP, a mandate must certainly be given to it. So, you
must discuss the mandate you will assign to this CEP. This must be part of
the discussions and negotiations. If a CEP is formed and a mandate is
assigned to it, you must necessarily determine or agree with the parties on
the environment, on what environment should be created so there can be
credible, honest and democratic elections.//"

11. [35] Report by correspondent Tony Verniau in Port-de-Paix: Angelo Bell,
director general of the Interior Ministry, held a news conference before he
left for the Department of the Northwest, where he will spend two days
providing training to territorial collectivities members in six communes.
Bell accused the Convergence of blocking the formation of the new CEP. He
says he hopes the new deadline for the formation of the new CEP will be
respected, with or without the participation of the Convergence. According
to Bell, it is time for a solution to be found to the political crisis.

12. [38] The European Union, EU, hails the efforts made by the OAS and
Caricom in their attempts to find a solution to the Haitian political
crisis, particularly to the serious difficulties that resulted from the 21
May 2000 elections. The US receives with satisfaction the concerned parties'
signs that they are open to dialogue.

13. [39] Report by Les Cayes correspondent: Former Deputy Jean Gabriel
Fortune must inform the Justice Ministry of any decision to leave the
national territory. The judicial authorities of Les Cayes implemented this
measure yesterday after an examining judge heard Fortune's testimony on the
incidents of last May. Fortune says he is still available to answer the
judicial authorities' questions. Furthermore, he says the zero-tolerance
policy advocated by President Aristide should be implemented in Les Cayes
because, in his opinion, the Lavalas scoundrels have ties with zenglendos

14. [42] Ads, followed by news summary and ads.

15. [47] International news, headlines, and ads.

16. [49] The Haitian government and a group of editors yesterday signed a
contract for 94m gourdes that will reduce the price of school supplies. This
contract will allow parents to receive a 55 per cent discount on school
supplies in the new school year. The editors promised that measures would be
taken so these materials can be available when school opens in September.

17. [53] President Aristide met yesterday at the National Palace with
several hundred teachers. He talked to them about the necessity for them to
organize themselves into cooperatives. He explained that this would solve
many of the economic problems they face. The teachers, who said they are
ready to form cooperatives, asked the head of state for a salary adjustment.

18. [55] International news, followed by ads.

19. [59] The police denounce insults and threats uttered against them by
phone since the latest measure adopted to solve the problems that have
resulted from the lack of security. According to Haitian National Police,
PNH, spokesman Jean Dady Simeon, the police have received about 1,000
anonymous calls from people who are trying discourage them in their efforts
to fight insecurity. Simeon explains that, on many occasions, the callers
have insulted the police. Measures will be taken against the people involved
in these actions if they continue, Simeon says. He adds that the police have
noted the numbers of some of the telephone lines used on several occasions
to call the police with the purpose of insulting or discouraging the

20. [63] Report by correspondent Julman Saint-Fort in Leogane: At the
beginning of the week, the Leogane police arrested four alleged zenglendos
who were going to hide in communal sections after they flew in from
Port-au-Prince. The police superintendent speaks of the efforts of the
policemen to prevent zenglendos and other evildoers from being able to cause
problems. The police superintendent say that acts of insecurity have
markedly decreased in the Leogane area following the police measures.

21. [66] PNH spokesman Simeon confirms that the Gonaives police arrested two
Colombians and seized 253 kg of cocaine this week. Simeon, who says some
bystanders were trying to get some of the drugs that were seized, adds that
the police will continue to investigate in order to learn if some of the
drugs that came from the small Colombian plane are in the hands of the
people. Asked about police involvement in corruption, particularly one
policeman who allegedly took 700,000 dollars from a drug dealer during a
search operation, Simeon said he did not want to comment.

22. [70] Justice Minister Gary Lissade has announced plans to create an
information centre in Haiti that will manage data regarding the fight
against drugs. Today, the struggle against drug trafficking is a global
issue, the justice minister says. He also announces that a seminar is going
on now in Port-au-Prince on struggle against drugs.

23. [73] Report on a traffic accident in which five people were killed and
44 others were seriously injured yesterday in Morne Tapion.

24. [74] Ads.

25. [79] Economic segment by Pierre Emmanuel on activities by the National
Association of Haitian Fishermen on International Fishing Day. A group of
Haitians will leave Haiti soon for Cuba, where they will receive fishing
training for six months.

26. [92] Cultural news on French songs.

27. [95] Sports.

Source: Radio Haiti-Inter, Port-au-Prince, in French 1200 gmt 29 Jun 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.