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8523: Francophonie - francofolly? (fwd)

From: AR Perrault <arperrault_04@yahoo.com>

It was interesting to read post #8500 by Guy Antoine who clearly sees the
problem of holding on to the french language, and then read post #8501 by
Senou who writes about raising haitian culture in Dade County.

I truly believe that holding on to the french language serves a
dis-service to Haitian people.  Understand that I was not allow to speak
Kreyol at home until I was twelve.  But having been immerse in english for
more than half of my life now, I do believe that Haitian should speak
Kreyol then adopt a foreign language: french, english or spanish.

So french is nothing else but a foreign language. With less than 20% of
the world population being francophone and the INTERNET being dominated by
english, surrounded by neighbour that speak spanish or english, it makes
sense to learn something USEFUL, sorry! PRACTICAL how is that? 

Some of you may say well what about Kreyol? well I only have one answer:
90% of Haitians speak Kreyol, only 10% can speak french.  Again I am only
looking at the big picture (world population), what is going on on the
island of 'Haiti' is for Haitians there to decide.

Ronel Perrault, PhD

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