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8540: July Edition of Boston Haitian Reporter (fwd)

From: MariLinc@aol.com


Here is a notice I just received from the Boston Haitian Reporter.



The Boston Haitian Reporter Online

The July Edition
The third print edition of the Boston Haitian Reporter is now in
circulation.  Here is a sample of what you will find in the July edition of
the leading, monthly publication for New England's Haitian-American
communities.  Visit us online at http://www.bostonhaitian.com, which has
just been updated with the latest news and information.

Featured Stories
Backstage with Mizik Mizik
The Reporter's Steve Desrosiers gets the latest from one of Haiti's most
popular konpa bands.  Who are the new members?  And how do they sound so

Plus: Farinen's Fritz Hyacinthe on the Digital vs. Live Debate

Reporter History
Haiti & Boston Linked in Quests for Independence
Trade was not all that connected colonial Boston and Port-au-Prince in the
18th century.  Steve Desrosiers examines the similarities between the
revolutionary regions.

Time to Step Up in Special Election for the Ninth
Reporter publisher William Dorcena and commentator Caleb Desrosiers say
Haitian-Americans can- and must- play a critical role in electing a
successor to Joe Moakley's seat in the Ninth Congressional district.

Fast and Cool Summer Cuisine
Beating the heat with delicious- and fast- Haitian dishes
in this month's-Ruth's Recipes.

Local News
Top of the Class
Meet some of the young Haitian men and women who represented their community
well in 2001, setting the pace for scholarship in Mass schools.

Somerville's Coalition a Success Story
Go back in time to 1990- and the launch of Somerville's Haitian Coalition-
to find out how this grassroots organization has become a key player in the
local community.

Residents Speak Out on Election Concerns in Codman Sq.
Election day hassles and discrimination isn't just a problem in Florida,
according to some concerned Boston voters who spoke out at a public forum in
Dorchester recently.

National & International
Court Case May Change Immigration Law
An Appeals Court ruling found that a local Haitian man was not properly
warned of the immigration consequences of his case.

NYPD's Post-Louima Probe Dropped
The Justice Department has slowly but surely abandoned a probe into reforms
in the NYPD that began after a vicious assault on a Haitian man.

Plus: A complete round-up of news from Haiti and the Caribbean

All of this and much, much more can be found inside the July edition of the
Boston Haitian Reporter.

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the Reporter news room at (617) 436-1222 x22.

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