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8555: haiti thesis, jobs in NYC (fwd)

From: Tara DePorte <taradeporte@hotmail.com>

Dear Corbettres,

  I am writing this email to invite both comments and criticism concerning 
my recently finished undergraduate thesis.I have requested information from 
this list and have enjoyed many interesting discussions over the past year 
or so and would love any input from the lists distinguished participants.
  I just graduated from the University of Virginia and wrote my thesis 
concerning water quality issues in Haiti.It is an interdisciplinary approach 
to both anthropological and environmental issues.  Overall, the work both 
outlines many of my philosophies and is hopefully an introduction to the 
continuation of my work in both Haiti and dealing with this subject matter.
  I would like to thank all of you on the list who have guided me to people, 
places and organisations in all hopes that I may do the same in the 
future.As I have now graduated, I am looking to move to NYC and am in the 
midst of looking for work there.If any of you have any further suggestions 
of people or org. that I should contact, please let me know. I have included 
my thesis abstract at the end of this message and feel free to contact me. 
My thesis and resume are available to any and all at my site 

Again, I would love criticism, critique, comments....Thank you again and 
good luck

Tara DePorte

please respond to taradeporte@hotmail.com

Redefining Water Quality Issues in Rural Haiti: An Interdisciplinary 
Universtiy of Virginia Undergraduate Thesis, 2001
Interdisciplinary Distinguished Majors Program: Human Impacts on Ecosystems


Professor Fred Damon, UVA Department of Anthropology
Dr. Fred Diehl, UVA Department of Biology
Professor Hank Shugart, UVA Department of Environmental Sciences

Contact Information
Tara DePorte
3899 Bradwater Street
Fairfax, VA 22031
703) 323-9409

Thesis Abstract (157 pages)

  This work focuses on the redefinitionof water quality in the Haitian 
landscape through an interdisciplinary approach.  Subsequently, ideas of 
environmental restoration are dealt with by exploring many of the 
multifaceted perspectives oflocal water quality issues in rural Haiti, while 
emphasizing the often-overlooked role of the rural Haitian in the Haitian 
landscape. This paper is an exploration of some of the ways Haitians might 
see their landscape, today and throughout history, through the use of 
biological and anthropological methods of quantitative and qualitative 
analysis and observation.
  The movement of natural resources across social and historical boundaries, 
the importance of understanding the many-leveled dependency of man and their 
environment, and hypotheses of the translation of Haitian spirituality and 
symbolism into everyday man/land interactions are all explored.Additionally, 
generalities concerning local and indigenous knowledge are disputed in this 
work through the acknowledgement of the wealth of information and resources 
currently available within the Haitian landscape.
The purpose of this paper is to be the introductory work towards a long-term 
goal and project of transforming concepts of local empowerment, 
environmental restoration and cultural sensitivity.  To view the paper in 
its entirety, please go to


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