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8557: Project on Return migration to Haiti (fwd)

From: Miriam Neptune <mimineptune@yahoo.com>

Hello Corbett Friends: 

A few weeks ago, I wrote asking for some suggestions
for a project I will be doing in Haiti this summer. I
would like to thank those of you who responded, and
ask again if anyone else has ideas or contacts they
can pass along: 

I am a graduate documentary film student at NYU. I am
collecting video interviews of people who have
returned to Haiti to live in the past 15 years. 
I would like to know what life in Haiti is like for
them after living elsewhere, and why they decided to
return. I would like to have a wide cross-section of

I will be in Haiti from July 18 to August 17, spending
most of the time Montrouis, but traveling to Jacmel,
Cap Haitien, and P-au-P.

If you anyone has any ideas, friends or family I
should speak to, etc. I will gladly welcome it. 

Please write to me at returntohaiti@yahoo.com

M. Neptune

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