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8560: Re: 8558: Bishop Duracin (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>


When I hear of the proposed composition for the Provisional Electoral 
Council (PEC), my first question is not whether mister Duracin is or isn't a 
very honest man or whether there are 20 United-Statians and 6 French men who 
can testify one way or another in that regard. Haiti has plenty of honest 
men and women whom Haitians can identify with no pains - thank you very 
much. That's not the point!

As already indicated by Senou, the Haitian Constitution DOES NOT identify 
the Haitian Episcopal Church as one of the nine sources of reps for the PEC. 
That's where we should start.

For those who may not be familiar with the Christian jargon practiced in 
Haiti "Episcopal Conference", as named in article 289-2 of the Constitution, 
is referring to the head masters of the Vatican-controlled, self-annointed 
«Holy» Roman Catholic Church not the U.S.-controlled Episcopal Church.

Therefore, legally speaking (if that is the order of the day), the Haitian 
Episcopal Church ought to get together with all the other Protestant 
denominations to help select one representative for the ALL THE Protestant 
religions (Art. 289-8);

In any case, we can see that, even the 1987 Constitution give all these 
eurocentric sects precedence over the native Vodou religion. This 
African-rooted religion practiced by the majority of Haitians is only given 
lip service.

So this designation of a representative of the Episcopal Church is clearly 
UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But, worst of all, because this breach of the mother law 
is being made in total disregard for the people and her traditions, it is 
dictatorial and anti-Haitian.

Ki lès ki responsab?

Of course the «black skin white mask» Christianophile Haitians are the first 
and only culprits in all of this. They have accepted pompous titles of 
President, Prime Minister, Minister, Senators, Deputies, Parallel President, 
Secretary General of  Haitian political parties working for foreign 
interests, Bishop of eurocentric churches etc... yet, from their decisions 
you would think Pat Robertson himself is King of Haiti.

At least in 1915, when the U.S. wanted to force adoption of the Convention, 
the Yankees first used their guns to make the francopholic negroes modify 
their Constitution. And only then, did they have the puppet (Sudre 
Dartiguenave) sign the thing.

By the way, I grew up in the heart of the Haitian Episcopal Church. Both my  
grandfather and father were Ministers who served that organization all their 
long and productive lives and I was an altar boy for too many years of my 
precious life (God forgive us for we knew not what we were doing!). I know, 
there have been and are still plenty of brave men an women in that Church. 
But that's no reason to pretend not to see the blatant illegality and 
anti-Haitianity of what is being proposed for this PEC. In any event, it is 
evident that the Haitian Episcopal Church has long left the glory years when 
Theodore Holly, WEB Dubois and other African-American brothers were trying, 
with this church, to find a path for Pan-African humanism within a ruthless 
eurocentric tradition. As, we can all see, the Pan-African humanists have 
lost the battle. Washington rule. Check out Rev. Roger Désir's little 
history of the Church published in 1997 - (Institut Foi et Vie: Petite 
histoire de l'église Episcopale en Haiti (1861-1996), Centre Anglican 
d'Haiti, 1997 )....and you'll get a hint.

Eventually, the Haitian Mormon clergy will also be all «native». So what?

The day will come when Haitians will govern themselves - for real, chose 
their friends and identify their enemies - on their own. That day, we will 
do so in Kreyòl and our God will not look like Leonardo da Vinci but like 
Dessalines  - yes, Dessalines!.

Who shall live to see that day? Who WANTS to live to see that day?


«Kaka je pa linèt»

Awaiting the establishment of the Permanent Electoral Council provided for 
in this Constitution, the National Council of Government shall set up a 
Provisional Electoral Council of nine (9) members, charged with drawing up 
and enforcing the Electoral Law to govern the next elections, who shall be 
designated as follows:

          1) One for the Executive Branch, who is not an official;

          2) One for the Episcopal Conference;

          3) One for the Advisory Council;

          4) One for the Supreme Court;

          5) One for agencies defending human rights, who may not be a 
candidate in the elections;

          6) One for the Council of the University;

          7) One for the Journalists Association;

          8) One for the Protestant religions;

          9) One for the National Council of Cooperatives.

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From: TrnslatrNC@aol.com

If in fact Msgr Jean Zache Duracin, Bishop of the diocese of Haiti, serves
the new CEP, he will represent a segment of Haiti's population, not the
His clergy is all Haitian, he is Haitian, and I believe he will honestly
support fair elections. I have heard him speak, worked on a project with
and seen his diocese's works, and respect him. What is needed on the CEP
from respected people who can be trusted to be fair and honest. He is.
David Nealy

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