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8573: Survey of Corbetteers (Please Participate :-) (fwd)

From: Angel Adams <angyllmarie@yahoo.com>
Below I am including a survey for willing list
participants to complete.  It will help me to get a
sense of who and where people are, and what ways they
are involved in work on Haiti.  I will be happy to
share the results with you and the list once replies
are in and analyzed.  Thanks again for allowing me to
incorporate the list into my research.
Dear Corbetteers,
I have been in contact with some of you as I carry out
my dissertation research on how the Haitian community
and friends of Haiti are using online forums for
discussion and networking.  Below I have included a
VERY BRIEF survey that I am asking list members to
complete.  It should take no more than 10 MINUTES, and
will provide very interesting and useful summary
information about the list and participants'
involvement in Haiti-related issues.  All information
is absolutely confidential and no details of any one
participant's responses will be shared with anyone.  I
will aggregate the responses in order to get a larger
picture of what the list looks like. 
PLEASE take 10 minutes to participate. I will send the
results out to the list once all the responses are
collected and analyzed. Send all responses directly to
me at: >angyllmarie@yahoo.com<
Many Thanks,
    Angel M. Adams, Doctoral Student, Dept. of
Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
*********Survey for Corbett List Members
Place an X next to the appropriate response, or write
in information where requested.
1) Sex: Male___  Female___
2) Occupation_____________
3) Highest educational degree completed___________
4) Year Born_______
5) Country of origin (where you were born)_________
6) Current city and country you reside
7) With what racial or ethnic group do you 
8) Do you identify as Haitian or as being of Haitian
descent? Yes____   No____
9) Have you ever established an ongoing (lasting more
than one month) writing or face-to-face relationship
with any person or organization on the Corbett list
whom you did not know before joining the 
list? Yes____ No____
10) Please place an X next to all of the following
kinds of organizations relating to Haiti or the
Haitian community with which you are currently
Haitian church_____
Non-Haitian church (working on Haiti-related issues or
with Haitian community)______
Advocacy organization______
Human rights organization______
Development organization______
Haitian radio station (as a listener)_____
Haitian radio station (as a worker)______
Haitian newspaper (as a reader)______
Haitian newspaper (as a worker)______
Hometown association (gwoupman rejyonal)________
Computer list serve or forum (please list the three
you use most often)________________
_________________        ________________________
Other (organizations not listed above) ____________
None of the above apply___________
11) What is the primary reason you belong to the
Corbett list?
***********************Thanks so much for your

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