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8599: Haitian American Republican Caucus

From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>

Haitian American Republican Caucus
4074 Palm Place
Weston, Fl 33331
Ph: (954) 317-3967
Fax: (954) 659-9107
Email: pierre201@msn.com

Speech at the inaugural meeting of the Haitian American Republican Caucus
Weston Regional Health Park, Weston, Fl
July 7, 2001

Dear Fellow Republicans,

It is an honor for me to address you a few words this evening.

During the past few weeks, the Haitian- Americans have been making history 
in the political arena of the United States. This evening marks another 
important event, the birth of the Haitian American Republican Caucus. Your 
excitement and your enthusiasm prelude the way we plan to built our caucus 
in the future: strong, organized and powerful. Watch out Democrats!

Indeed, the Democratic Party has been taking our vote for granted. Through 
ruse, demagoguery and deceit, the Democrats make us believe that espousing 
the Republican philosophy was a capital sin. Just take a look at Little 
Haiti and Haiti itself and you can see for yourself what the Clinton 
administration had legated to our community: a litany of problems and a 
welfare mentality. Watch out Democrats!

Did you know that, in 1862, a Republican, Lincoln was the first president to 
meet with group black leaders? Did you know that, in 1864, the Republican 
National Convention made the abolition of slavery a plank in its platform? 
Did you know, I know that you know, that President George W Bush, in 2001, 
appointed General Colin L. Powell, the son of immigrants from Jamaica, the 
first Secretary of State of the United State of America? Let us not forget 
the appointments by President Bush, in 2001, of Roderick Paige, the first 
African American Secretary of Education and of Condolezza Rice as Advisor to 
the National Security Council. Watch out Democrats!

Did you know that the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI), one of the most 
significant pieces of trade legislation to foster economic development and 
job creation in Haiti was, in 1983, introduced by and approved under the 
vigilant eyes of the Republican president Ronald Reagan? By the way, the 
Democrats ferociously opposed the CBI legislation. Today, The Republican 
Party and President George W. Bush has to remain more attentive than ever 
and assure that the Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership is fully implemented 
to spur manufacturing development in Haiti. Watch out Democrats!

Did you know that the Overseas Private investment Corporation (OPIC), 
created under watch of Ronald Reagan, provides to Haitian-American citizens 
access to capital and insurance to invest and create economic opportunities 
and jobs in Haiti?  Did you know about the initiatives like governor Bush’s 
Front Porch and the urban revitalization programs started in 1999 by the 
governor’s office that emphasizes community involvement in changing 
neighborhood? Watch out Democrats!

Did you know that during his 6 months in office, President Bush is winning 
praise for his effort to partner with Africa and the Caribbean nations on 
important policy initiatives such as HIV/AIDS policy, trade and democracy? 
Under President Bush leadership, total spending on programs to combat AIDS 
and infectious diseases worldwide now stand at nearly one billion dollars. 
That is 245million more than last year under the Clinton administration and 
several times more than the second highest donor country. Did you know that 
President Bush had directed the formation of the United States’ first 
cabinet-level task force on HIV/AIDS, directed by Secretaries Powell and 
Thompson? Watch out Democrats!

Haitian-Americans reject the hand out and the welfare culture prone by the 
Democrats. We embrace initiatives such as the CBI, the OPIC and the 
Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership to create jobs and foster economic 
development in Haiti, and thereby prevent illegal immigration to the United 
States and the tragedy of the boat people, as we know it.

So my fellow Republicans, this evening we are witnessing the birth of a new 
caucus in our Party that will growth stronger and then metastasized in 
myriads of other Haitian Americans Republican Caucus all over the States in 
order to be a power broker in the elections of all elected officials.

Thanks and God bless you.

Aldy Castor, MD, Executive Director,
Haitian American Republican Caucus

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