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8604: Re: 8506: On forming on an equitable CEP (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

I can never understand the hoopla regarding the
formation of the CEP. It is treated as if it were the
formation of a government. How democratic should its
composition be? Ayiti has to leave this concept behind
if a positive, objective and constructive process of
government has to take place. Representativeness in
the CEP is a false issue. 

Being a citizen with some level of understanding of
organizing a collective body and conceiving a
collective decision-making process ought to be the
sole requirement for one to partake in this body. How
to determine this qualification depends on a legal
definition of some criteria. 

Believe it or not Ayiti is quite diverse socially;
then how do we expect an institution composed of 9
members to be representative? We are fooling ourselves
by thinking so. One way to counteract this short
coming, while preventing all the political diatribes
about forming the CEP to occur, is the creation of a
pool of CEP members to be chosen at random without
much consultation at this stage. Of course it has to
be done within the qualified category as stated above.

Once this is done and six months prior to an election,
there should be a pre-selection  of 20 potential
members whom are to be informed of regulations set by
the legislative branch on how to organize elections.
An evaluation and simulation ought to take place. The
20 would be divided in 5 groups of four to formulate
specific procedures according to the general

The optimal formulation would be chosen and also 2
members of each group to give 10 members. Once this is
formed, at random, one of the 10 would be either voted
out or assigned to an observational post within the
CEP, by the pre-selected 20 potential members. 

The burning question then is which body would be
involved in such a decisive procedure? Well, due to
its random characteristic it would not matter if it
were heavily composed of a dominated party/branch of
government or not.  At any rate, to be on the safe
side, it could be composed of 4 members: 1 from the
executive branch, 1 from the legislative branch, 1
from the judicial branch and 1 from the pool created. 

All should be done within three months to allow three
months to set up the entire election process. 

One last point: the constitution should be amended to
make ephemeral all constituted CEP, their existence
would be just for the upcoming election and to be
dissolved afterwards. Giving the CEP a mandate for a
number of years is the curse of all. Anyone that has
an authoritative position of this level for a long
period tends to abuse it unduly and become corrupt.  

Conceived in this manner, all commotions about forming
a CEP would end.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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